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I'm a crafter and I have a serious obsession with fabric, paper, glue and all things makes me happy!! Thank you so much for visiting me, please stay a while and feel free to peek! 

When did you start crafting?

I've always been creative. Ever since I can remember I've loved making things. I've been sharing my paper crafts on YT for about 12years time flies! I enjoy making mini albums, layouts and altering different items and recently candles.

What other hobbies do you have?

I LOVE home decor! Every time we moved into a new place my mind would go buck wild with paint color or making each room pretty with things I would make or put together. I also love to cook, garden and for a few years now I've enjoyed painting and restoring furniture...which is hard with my back but I've decided to slow down a bit on that. 

What is your profession?

By trade I am a Nationally Certified Medical Assistant. I worked in clinics for over 15 years. It's so rewarding!! I injured my low back in 05' and had to stop working in 09' because it just became unbearable. I was getting all kinds of treatments, for years, but they all failed me...from surgeries, to injection and physical therapy. Finally I had a spinal fusion of 3 levels in my lower back in May of 16' and I finally have some relief. I was able to go back to work in 2016.

Are you married and do you have kids?

I was married right out of High School! I was only 18 and married the love of my life Manny....we've been married for 32 years now. We have 2 amazing kids, Manny Jr who is now 31 and Anna who is 27. Both educated, Manny and Anna both have their Bachelors degree! We are both so very proud!

This was taken in 2013 when they all graduated from college and high school. I've yet to get us all together again for an updated one.

What gear do you use for your videos and Youtube Channel?

I have recently been gifted with a new Canon M50 by my husband for Mother's Day in 2021! Along with my new camera I use a "dead cat" mic on it and lapel set when I need it. I have listed my gear with links over at my vlogging site HERE. I use my iPhone 11 for most of my photos and I have taken video with it, doesn't do too bad. For editing my videos I use iMovie on my MacBook Pro 13". For graphics and editing photos I still use's so much fun! It's a free site but you get a ton of upgrades with a paid membership called "Royale".

Something that people don't know about me? 

Well, I'll tell you two....I really, really hate coconut! It's the smell for me....I just cannot eat it unless it's hidden in some rice pudding...other than that, NOPE!

The 2nd thing is that I LOVE to sing! I have been a singer since very little...I used to write songs with my brother when we were young. When I was about 29, I sang for the first time in front of an audience in a Christmas play at church, it was a solo!! I about threw up afterwards, LOL! I then soon after was involved a lot in that area. For about 4 years, I sang on our worship team and did solo's every 2 weeks. I later lead worship on Sunday mornings for a few months until my back gave out and it was very difficult to stand for more than 10 minutes.

Anyhow, there you go!

Thanks for stopping by friends! Jules

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