Tuesday, August 3, 2021

New look for "The Jule Box Studios" is coming! Take a peek!

Hey guys! 

It's been non stop for a bit. I've been multi tasking and trying to juggle like 10 balls at once...not easy let me tell you! LOL 

I've recently come back to Youtube and now I'm posting to 2 youtube channels, 2 blogs, 3 FB pages and 4 Instagrams.......aaaaand a Pinterest page! whew!! and living in 2 places...I need to stop and breath every now and then. *breathe-in, *breathe-out*

I'm trying not to let anything lag so I've been working hard to find a good flow but with traveling to LA and back is a little difficult and I know it will take some time to find my groove.

"One step at a time", I keep telling myself. I'm working on it!

So I've recently been editing a 3 part episode series of my studio tour. Part 1 is a pre-tour as it was in all it's messy and dusty glory. You know, things were out, baskets out of place and oh, yeah, the many many many months of accumulated dust ON EVERYTHING!! OH SO GROSS! Well mind you I haven't been home for about 5 months, then went home for like a week, did some maintenance cleaning but the studio was completely neglected, then back to LA again and then finally in April 2021, I just had to clean my studio when I got back home....too, because something happened to my hubby and I decided to come back with him. That first video is coming out this week and I explain there what he went through. Please subscribe to both my crafty and life channels to see what happened.

Part 2 is the organizing, cleaning and purging episode then Part 3 is the final studio tour BUUUTT as I'm editing the first video I wanted to customize a few things for the video and my channel.

I don't want to give it all away but I did create my watermark for my YT videos.....

Something about white and gold!!! 😍

I have been recording that process of creating my watermark and my youtube banner. The next steps will be the graphics for my Facebook and Instagram, it shouldn't be much different except for sizing I think. 

I get excited when I learn how to design new things, it's like rearranging my living room you know! Gives me all the feels!! 💕

See ya in a day or 2 with part 1 of the studio tour!!

Have a great week!

xoxo, Jules

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