Saturday, March 27, 2021

What's in my basket??

Hello again friends!

I was so excited that I was able make another video before I left for LA to share! This basket had been sitting for 3-4 years and although I had picked in it for a couple of projects here and there I still didn't know what all was in it. When I started recording and took everything out I saw tons of adorable Coco and Reno die sets in there that I just had to save them for last. Glad I did too because OMG I'm just in love with them!!

This video was almost 2 hours long because of all the gasping shock of cuteness that was in there and not to mention my zillions of sneezes....I had some bad allergy juju this day that my ribs, sides and back were just sore from it, it was bad ya'll! So, I was able to edit and condense the video to 42 minute because there were tons of goodies to share.

I hope you enjoy the video (I had so much fun recording again!). There are some links I mentioned in the video that I will link below for you to check out ok!

💟 Link to my 3 ornaments video HERE and blog post HERE
💟 Our skincare and aromatherapy line called "kNOw Label" at "Ladies Lounge LA"

💟 See if there is a Craft Warehouse near you HERE
💟 The for the "Cozy Cup" stamps and Die set
💟 For the Scrapbook Expo info HERE
💟 Checkout the Spellbinders website HERE
💟 Subscribe to Coco and Reno HERE
💟 Check out Peachy Cheap HERE
💟 Rose flaps and pocket die on Amazon HERE and HERE
💟 Wooden Rolodex box from Etsy HERE

Thanks for sticking by 💕 and feel free to leave a comment or question if you'd like! 😊

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