Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bittersweet news....


A year and a half ago I was so excited when the opportunity came when I could move in with my parents to help. To be with them meant I could keep an eye out for them.....and to watch my dad cuz he's in his terrible "83's" stage in his life...he's a little ornery, but there have been some changes going on with my household and so the time has come that we now have to move away. My sweet hubby landed a great job but it means we can't be here anymore. I'm sad but the good thing is that we won't be horribly far away!  I shared stuff in my video....

Just wanted let ya'll know and to ask for prayer as we go through these mom is already seeming to be a little sad and that really just breaks my heart! ah...please keep us in prayer friends.

Thanks so much for stopping in, God Bless!


  1. Jules, you are definitely in my prayers. I know the heartache of having to move away from your family , just remember that God is in control and he will watch over you and your parents. Neither of my parents lived to be in their terrible 83s. You are so blessed to have your's as long as you have. I will pray for you and your parents to be comforted during this transition. God's blessing to all of you.

  2. Praying for you and your move. Hugs! :)

  3. You´ll definitely be in my prayers hun, but please don´t worry, it´ll all be just fine I´m sure, and as soon as you´re all settled in, I´m pretty sure, you´ll feel that too, and it´ll just be a new challenge for you, which we sometimes need to keep on devellopping our self and do our best, and I´m sure, that you are perfect to make things work out the very best way for all of you during this, and who knows, maybe you´ll find out, it´s the best thing ever, you never know, until you´ve tryed right? And I´m pretty sure, you can always go back later, if for some reason, you don´t find it´s what you really wanted after a while.
    So best of luck with all the changes sweet friend and please have fun and enjoy the journey it´ll takes you all on there okay?

  4. Oh, Jules...I am so happy that your husband got a great job. I am also sad that you are moving FUTHER AWAY from us! I know it's hard to move away from loved ones...especially as they grow older, but God will watch over and protect your parents! You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts! Looking forward to seeing you real soon! (wink wink) Love you girl! XOXOX KJ

  5. I will definitely keep you & your family in my prayers. And may God bless you always for wanting to be there for & with them, for wanting to care for them & help them through their older years. I'm sure that God will be watching over them & you and your family as you all adjust. I definitely need to check out your latest postings. It's been awhile since I've shopped at The Julebox & I am definitely looking forward to your new postings of the latest releases as well as your destash videos! Take care & God bless always!

  6. Blessings Jules :) take care, things will be fine.


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