Saturday, August 17, 2013

My visit with Beverly at "The Piece By Piece"!!

Hello and happy almost weekend!!

Today I'm excited to finally start sharing my traveling 
adventures with you all!

So if you follow me on FB, you'll know that I've had a busy Summer with my family....hmmmm, maybe I've shared that here too?:)

One of my stops as I traveled to Los Angeles was a pit stop in the beautiful Northern part of California!! A little out of the way spot.....kinda worried me that I was maybe I saw the signs for Fremont! There was a sigh of relief as I started to see
signs of civilization! It was kinda weird to drive through windy roads and see hills, then trees that went on and on.....and then, I drive right into an older looking "Main Street" of a cozy and quaint little town of Fremont! There were shops lined up for a good few minutes....although I didn't drive it at all or look at what there was, I had blinders on only looking for my sweet friend 
Beverly's shop!!............
....and then I see it!!
 We park to go see Ms Beverly!
But look at this view....gorgeous right!!?
 We made it!!
As soon as we walked in, we greeted each other with a hug! 
Watch the video at the end of this post to see some 
video footage of our visit and my haul!

Here are some pictures of  this beautiful shop...
"The Piece By Piece"!
(You can find her Etsy shop HERE!)
The back wall was painted with chalk paint!!
 Here we are!
and being super silly!
  ah.....I had been driving for a day and 1/2!! 
I was so tired... I know I looked it too!!
I had a fun visit with Beverly, she's super sweet and so 
adorable! She totally rocked that blue hair too! 
Isn't she cute!!?
Thank you Beverly for the goodies, can't wait to play with them!

Here's a little bit of our visit on video and my haul
with the yummy gifts Beverly gave me! YAY!!

 Have a great day and thank you so much for hanging out with me today! HUGS!!!:)
xo, Jules


  1. WOUWwhat an amazing haul of goodies here. You lucky girl to gett sooo many great things. I can´t wait to see, what you´ll be creating with all these things now in the following time here. It will definitely be awesome, and I really hope, you´ll have a wonderful time playing with everything here. Have lots of great fun sweet lady, you sooo need and deserve that.

    1. Hey Maryann! Thank so much for that! I have just started to get back at creating! Little by by day:) Thank you for coming over my friend! :)

  2. Hi Jules, love your photos! Looks like your trip was a lot of fun. Take care, get lots of rest now that your home and I'm off to watch your video! Love ya! {hugs}

    1. Hi Christina! It was fun! I'll be sharing more of the trip and events soon I hope:) Thanks so much for stopping by! :)


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