Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'll be gone for a bit.....

Hello everyone,

If you follow my FB and blog you probably already know what's been going on in my household at the moment! It's been a great month of celebration! My kids and hubby are graduating...actually my hubby's graduation commencement was this past Satuday, Anna's was May 31st and my son's is coming up here on June 27th!! But my parents and both my kids were there to watch their dad receive his diploma!!! I am gathering pics of course and will be sharing a blog post to share all of it! :)

But...because of all that is happening I have to travel to see my son graduate...
so I am leaving and traveling back home to L.A!!
The shop will be still be open and I will accept orders but I cannot fill anything until I get back. 
I will be away between June 18th 2013 through July 10th 2013! 
So if you don't mind waiting till after, I would really love to service you as soon as I return!

I will finally have some new listings is my laces, I have been behind in posting my laces because of some issues I was having with a company and issues with my post (blogger) then things got busy I could barely keep up......
even with my assignments. But stuff is coming!!

So, I just wanted to give you all the heads up and I do hope
you'll all understand why the delay on orders. Once you place one, I will email you back and will also remind you of this then...just to cover my bases.

So, I'll see you soon ok! oh, I will be checking my emails frequently so please don't hesitate to contact me if you need ok:) and I'll be on FB too!

 Have a great Summer everyone!!! Thanks for the support as always!
Thanks, xo, Jules:)


  1. Have a fabulous summer, stay blessed and see you when you get back! xoxo ♥

    1. You're sweet Ms Christina:) Thank you:) Blessings to you my sweet friend! :)

  2. Big CONGRATULATIONS to all the graduents at your house Jules, and please don´t excuse for taking a break now either, as we all do that around this time, so ofcause you need to too and has to be there for your sons graduation.
    Have a great time in LA and enjoy your break hun, and we all see you, when you get back to the normal times again. See you later alligator.

    1. Thank you Maryann! I appreciate that! I am having a blast with my family! Hot weather but sweet bonding time! :) After a while crocodile!! LOL:)

  3. Jules have a great time! I'll be placing an order once you get back and post your new laces! Sending up my prayers for your safe travels!! Tammy Lapointe

    1. Hey Tammy! Thanks girl! Yeah, I so can't wait to have those laces up!! Man! It's been too long! LOL..I will announce it once they are up and ready! xo


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