Sunday, June 2, 2013

Graduation Month in The Aviles house!!

Hello and Happy Sunday!! 

So, I have just gotten up, I slept for about 11 hours or so...yesterday too! I never sleep this good so I'm thankful for the rest!

Most of you know that my whole family is graduating this year!! 
My daughter just this past Friday, my hubby from College in a couple of weeks, then my son also from college at the end of the month!! So now also comes some travel time! 

So I'm letting you know that since it's been a busy time of year for our family, I won't be quick to respond to emails and I won't be able to get your orders out as fast as I could normally. There is nothing more I like than to work, fill orders and craft away and share...but my family as I know your family is to you, will always be my priority and I can't be more proud of them for all their accomplishments! To have my 2 kids and my husband graduate from High School and College with degrees.....ah, I'm on cloud nine!!! 
I'm so blessed to have this moment with them!! I'm also so very thankful! Thank You God!!

I will do my best to share pics of all 3 next month when all is said and done 
and they bring Mom their diplomas! all 3! :) 

I'll be sharing a project soon for "The Color Room" and  WOC so those may be the only 2, there will be a mini album coming too!! Then I think they will be the only ones for the month!  I'll try anyways.....

So if you haven't had a response from me on an order or email and you think I may not have seen it, please email me again because I probably did miss it! :/ It's been that busy!

Thank you for understanding and for your patience!
I really really do appreciate your support!
xo, Jules:)


  1. Don´t worry so much Jules, we all DO understand, and we all DO have times too, where life gets so busy, that we have to priotize among things and as you said, our families will always come first, and that´s how it has to be, so don´t make excuses for that hun. You just go and enjoy this exiting time with your family, and then we´ll all be here to share it with you, when you have time to get back to us here again okay.
    So good luck to all the graduants and to the proud mum too. Have a wonderful time and just enjoy every minute of it right?
    We´ll all see and hear everything about it later, when you gets back to normal days again. So just go and enjoy this time and have lots of fun. Biiiig warm hugs to all of you.

    1. Hello MaryAnn! Thank you so much for beig so understanding and supportive! You're a sweetie!! I am having fun and really trying to soak it all in!!:) My son helped me BBQ for Anna's celebration dinner we had and it was such a sweet moment for me! Hubby even helped chop my celery and onions! lol....It was a sweet come hubby's grad ceremony! Ah, so blessed! Thanks so much again hon! xoxoxo

    2. Congradulations to all!!! What fun!!! You deserve this rest!!! It's the Mama in the home who is the thermostat and that's enough said!!! Have fun and be safe!!! HUGS!!! patti

  2. Congrats to your 3 graduates! Enjoy these precious moments and look forward to more awesome projects!


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