Friday, May 3, 2013

Flower Tutorial: Handmade Paper Lily!

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I'm sharing my handmade Lily flower! These are the ones I made in my last project....the "Grungy Flower Pot"! These are pretty easy to make...sort of similar to the floral sprays I made (you can watch the video HERE), well, in regards to the floral wire and floral tape I used and how to add the leaf. The difference is that this is a single flower and it's made from Prima paper
For today's handmade flower tutorial
I used "Prima's Nature Garden"!!

Here is the video tutorial!
Let me know if you have any questions:)

Some close up pics....
*Prima's Divine collection*

 *Prima's Nature Garden collection*

Look at these real beautiful right?!!
I Love PINK!!! :)

*Prima's Lyric Collection*

You can see this "Flower Pot" Project here! 

I hope you enjoyed these flowers! Lilies around my side of the country have come and are about ready to go....sad they only stick around for a little while:(  
Flowers are one of my favorite things to make so I'm sure I'll make
 these for any project throughout the year! 
 You can find my floral tape in 3 different colors, here!

Thanks for watching and hanging out! See you in the next post! :)    
xo, Jules


  1. Beautiful flower you created. Beautiful just like YOU my friend. xoxo Velma

  2. WOUW what an awesome video Jules. I absolutely love your lillies here and now I even think, I dare to give it a try after seing your great tutorial here. You makes it look soo easy to do, that even I can make them LOL.
    Thanks sooo much for a really great tutorial.
    Have a wonderful day and lots of fun.


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