Saturday, April 6, 2013

Storage organization tips for paper scraps!!

Hello everyone!

Just want to share a couple ways I started storing my paper scraps! 1 way I learned from a friend a while back and the other way is something I just came up with a few days, I'm sharing!

Here's Jen's video of her storage idea:
She throws nuffin away!! lol

 Here's a link to the website where I purchase my bags from!

I hope these ideas were helpful to you all! 
Thanks so much for stopping in to peek and watch! 

Have a great day everyone...see you in a bit for another post 
I'm putting together!


  1. Hello Jules, thanks for sharring your idea. The way you store the scraps is really handy. I think I'm gonna follow your exemple atleast for the 6 x 6 papers and other little paperpads.
    Greetings from Holland.

    1. Hi Carin!! Thank you...I found it handy too...I actually was just putting them away in a bag...then afterwards when wondering where to put the bag, I realized I could just stick them to the back!!:) Funny how ideas come about right! Thank you for stopping in Carin, Hugs!! Jules:)

  2. Jules - which bags do you get from clearbags? There are so many different types!

    1. Hi Nancy! Oh my...I have about 15-16 different size bags I use for my you want all the sizes of bags I have??? :/ For your paper pads, I would just order the ones that are a tad bit smaller than the size of the pad you're for a 6x6, I would get a size about 5 1/2"x 5 1/2" or whatever you think would best suit your needs! :) Thanks for commenting! Jules:)

  3. Oh what great ideas! I do very few paper projects, but I have a box just waiting to get organized!


    1. "Go, Organize and be functional"! lol...Thanks for stopping in The Polka Dot Closet your blog? What a cute name!!!! :)

    2. What a great idea! I rarely have items made of paper, but I'm just waiting for the organization to have a box!


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