Sunday, April 28, 2013

Prima's "Grungy Flower Pot" with handmade flowers!


I've got a grungy project to share with you today:)

This is my "Grungy Flower Pot" I made for round #2 of the Discount Paper Crafts  design challenge! The post I made has handmade grungy flowers in it and will be sharing the tutorial on it in the next post! It was fun and easy to make!!:)

Now, the theme was "Girly Grunge". The techniques we were to use were 2 types of distressing. They were Ink distressing and paper roughing/distressing, I love distressing!!

Here is my video sharing of the project! 
Detailed pictures will follow

 Here's the pail, split, so I can grunge it up! :)
 I removed the handles, then put them back once I collaged them too!
 These next two are of either side of the split so you can get a closer view!

The next 3 are of the entire sides of the pail!

A close up of that washer covered with lace paper....

 A top view....
There were 5 handmade paper flowers, 2 still growing out of the pot
and then 3 that were bundled and tied with ribbon just laying on top of the pot!
These were fun to make!!


The eggs were covered in strips of old book paper....
then cut in odd halves and used for flower centers of the 2 larger paper flowers! view!
And inside the pail....

 I used a couple of gears for the base of the 2 flowers!
And then there was a croc!!!
We were to transform it so....
"Off with his head" and turned HIM into a mutant butterfly! LOL
That was fun!!  
I also added as many links as I could to share of the products I used! 

1~Prima 6x6 "Lyric"
2~"Vintage Photo" distress ink
3~"Pitch Black" Paint Dabber
4~Floral wire and tape
5~Spellbinders "Folliage"
6~Spellbinders "Stars 5"
7~Tim Holtz Mover's and Shaper's butterflies
8~McGill "Starburst" punch
9~Prima flowers "Encore" turquoise
10~Wild Orchid Crafts flowers and leaves
Aster Daisy "Baby Pink"
11~Liquid Pearls "Flamingo"

Other products from our design package.....well, here's that video!

Let me know if you have any questions about this project by leaving a comment down below! I will reply to ya as soon as I can! Thanks everyone, have a wonderful creative day!!

God Bless!! xo, Jules:)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Romantic Vintage Valentine" project for DPC-Rd #1!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for taking some time to peek in!

In today's post I want to share my project from the Discount Paper Crafts challenge for Round #1! 

Here's the video of the items I got in the mail!
You can jump to 2:34 where I'm sharing the items from the package!


If you'd like, here's the video where I share the project!

The theme was "Romantic Vintage Valentine"!! 
Loved that theme! 
Here are pics of my project!

My first thought was "Why not create the traditional Valentine's Day gift of a card, flowers and a box of chocolates"!!! 
Here's the set in my version of a shabby chic "Vintage Romance"!

I started with the card. I used "My Mind's Eye" paper "Blush" 6x6 paper pad and some Graphic 45 paper from an older collection called "Le Romantique"! Some of the die cut pieces Cathie sent went
so well with this paper collection!
 I do point out every item I got in my video above so you see where they all are!

  (picture above) 
I added an extra page in my card so it gives more room to write that romantic LOVE note!! *wink*

My box of chocolate Hershy's Kisses was handmade/hand built!!
I used a Sizzix die "Lace Heart Frame" and used chipboard to build the edges for the walls! I had so much fun decorating under the lid! 
I thought it was a unique idea!

 The purple flower (shown above) was painted with gesso twice then painted with a teal color to match my accent color!

 The Mystery item was a Tootsie pop!!! A TOOTSIE POP!! lol
Ah....I was wanting to eat it when I first saw, I decided to make it the base for my bouquet! I created tiny floral bouquets wrapped in muslin leaves to soften them and added a few bundles in it especially under the main bouquet, you can see muslin leaves and ribbon flowing from the tootsie pop here it is!

   Just to can see the tootsie pop between the flowers! It worked out perfect for what I had envisioned!!

  This was so much fun to make.....seriously!! :)

I made it to round #2....omg, that one made me sweat!! lol....Here's the video of what we got. I'll share that project in a few days! I worked so hard on it, making sure to complete the requirements of the theme and techniques we were given! whew!!! lol 

Please visit Cathie at "Discount Paper Crafts"!
For those gorgeous vintage wrinkled ribbon I used on my projects, visit
Ms. Patsy at "Prairie Bird Boutique"!
The majority of the flowers I used were from the awesome
"Wild Orchid Crafts" can find tons of different flowers!!
You can find some tools, glues, glue guns and mediums I used HERE!!
The Sizzix heart die cut is available for purchase HERE!
Thanks for popping in! Please let me know if you have any questions.
I would love to hear from you, please leave me a comment below!

Have a wonderful day!! xo, Jules:)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Build-a-Flower" challenge with Jules!!!

Hey Hey!!!

Today, I have a challenge for you
I would love to have you join me this month for 
"Wild Orchid Crafts Design Team Monthly Challenge"! 
 I'm extending it out to you all so that...
#1: You get to CREATE!!
#2: Stock up on your very own handmade flowers
#3: You'll have a chance to win some WOC goodness
#4: It's FUN!!! 

This monthly challenge is something I hope to do every month with you all, if not, then maybe every other month. There will always be something for you to win and.....sometimes it's fun to create something when you have some direction! I LOVE these challenges, so I wanna to play with you all!

You'll have 1 month to create! If you order from WOC now, you will have enough time to make a few flowers once you get your'll work!

Watch my "Build a Flower" video using WOC flat petals, 
then the challenge rules will follow!

"April Build-a-Flower" Challenge with Jules" rules!!
(You'll have 2 ways to increase your chances of winning a package of WOC goodness put together by me....ALL of it comes out of my DT package!
There will be 2 package of goodies to win, a large one and a small one)

Rule #1: You MUST submit a video of your flowers as a video response to mine (my video above) on YouTube and/or do a blog post showing pictures of your flower project to me (5-8 pics are required) and email me the link....if YOU DO NOT BLOG, you can email me pics of your flowers, still 5-8 are required!

Your video or blog title must be
"April Build-a-Flower Challenge with Jules for WOC"!

Rule #2: "Wild Orchid Crafts" flowers are preferred but not required! You can place your order from the WOC "Flat Paper Petals/Foundation Blooms" listing here, or use what flat petals you may have at home!
You can use anything or nothing to center them....add mini roses or half back pearls, or buttons.....anything goes, just make a dimensional flower with layers of flat petals!!! :)
Shipping takes about 10 days or so to arrive in the U.S. if you decide to order from WOC!! They have quite a bit of a variety you know! 

Rule #3: Your video and/or blog post pictures must show your flowers....completed and how you made them! If you're posting on your blog, your pics (5-8 pics required) should share the flowers and you must share some tutorial pics...(which are the steps you took to make your flowers!)

~You have until May 8th at 12 midnight PST to submit your video response to my video and/or to email me the link to your blog post or email me your pictures. Please send your blog link or pics to my email @  
(don't forget the "." after jules!)

**Submissions are due anytime between now and May 8...just until Midnight PST though! Mark your calendars people!! :)

Each "avenue" you take to submit your flower challenge project will allow for your name to be added in the box for the drawing! For example:

~Do a video only= your name entered once.
~Do a blog post only or email only (one or the other)= your name entered once.
~Do a video and blog post/email= your name entered 2x.

So.....the more you submit the better for ya!!

I will be making a video in the first week of May of the winners of the drawings and sharing it on my blog!!

THATS IT!!!  Let's play!!!!
Here are some pics of my flowers!!

Here are the WOC flowers I used in my video:
*Some Stamens you can use!
If you have any questions about this challenge, 
please leave me a comment below ok!:)