Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Pion Design" paper collections!

Hello everyone!!

Just wanted to share some Pion Designs paper collections with you all. I figured that there may be some out there that have never seen them, so here's the video where I share 3 full collections!! Enjoy!

Website to Pion Designs, click here!  


  1. Jules I´ve just checked, and there´s 2 webstores in the US, that sends worldwide, so it´s easy to get it there too. Here´s the link to those, who sell this over there:
    Hope this is to any help if anybody would like them. I agree, they are just absolutely stunning papers, and what you can do with them is unbelievable, so go for it, they´re absolutely worth it.

    1. Maryann, you are a doll!!! This would help so so so much! I am wanting to get the other collections...please email me so we csn chat some more ok! Thank you so much!! xo, jules

  2. I somehow (don't remember doing it) "liked" this company on Facebook and they've been sending me posts for a while now. I also noticed the Alma's Sewing Room paper the other day and went on a search for it. I must have been checking the same places you did because I came up with nada, zippo, nothing. Thanks to Maryann for finding a place that sells it. Gorgeous papers!

    1. Hi Marianne! I will need to go where she's a hard to find these! I hope you can grab yourself some, they are super gorgeous! Thanks for stopping in! xo Jules


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