Saturday, January 26, 2013

Laces and Trim ~BLOW-OUT~ Sale!!

Hello friends!! 
Hope you all are having a great day! :)

Today I wanted to share this BLOW OUT SALE news!!
I've got a steal of a deal for you all on tons of laces and 
trims I have in my Lace Listing!
(Currently not viewable due to the new additions I'm making. Listing will be up very soon. It's time to make room for some new trims and things) 

*This sale is open to ALL US, Canada and International customers*
**Sale will run till I am all out!!
There is 1 "Grab Bag"!
This bag contains
7 different random laces and trims,
5 yards of each= 35 yards
price includes shipping!!
If you are International, Please choose the second or third option in the PP button!

*Please remember that my "Store Policies" in the navigation bar above still applies to this sale as it would any other. I AM NOT responsible for any Manufacture defects. Some of these laces and trims are a little aged (some were my moms from years ago) Thanks!

**Due to shipping rates increases, the price of this bundle has gone up. So if you notice that the cost is higher, this is why...totally out of my control. 
Thanks for understanding.**

This is the 3rd time I have changed the bundle due to my running out of my stock of laces and trims! Thanks everyone for your support! 


*Here is a sample of laces (over a dozen pictured)
you may find in your "Grab Bag": 

They will come packaged something like this:
Here are a couple of these up close:
(not a guarantee that these specific ones will be in 
your bag, but a good chance)
sorry...the lighting was different..
This picture, below, is a sample of one of the new trims coming soon!...Just wanted to tease, LOL :)
This new trim is very cute and dainty! 
It has a floral fan design, it's soft, shimmery 
and measures just 1/2" wide....perfect for cards 
or as a topper for a layer of trims as well as to be 
used as a "peek-a-boo" trim!! 

  This is a great deal!! 
So get a bundle before they are all gone, I will not be 
replacing these styles again, unless I see a different 
color and/or size and love it!! :) lol 


**Please allow me a couple days to gather your orders...I am literally rolling these off the spool as orders come in. I will begin to ship out on Monday January 28th!! **

I really appreciate that you've stopped in today, you all have no idea how much I truly appreciate all your support! This little humble shop is a dream for me to have and has become a small source of income for me. It also keeps me busy thinking about other things other than my physical issues which many of you already know about. I am so very blessed to have you be part of my life. You encourage me, uplift me and make so many of my days better! Thank you so very much...with all my heart, thank you!! 


  1. I guess I am the first to post a comment!!!! beautiful laces... I am drooling of the idea to win. TFS. Christine :D

  2. Me too! I have alot of reg ribbon but not lacey trim. Excited to have a chance to win. Thank u

  3. These are beautiful and I would love to win some. What with many illness and problems this past 7 months my $ is low or I would purchase. Thank you so much for the chance. Happy Day!

    1. Hey there:) I appreciate your comment and I understand what you're going through. I would love to create a small bag for you for 1/2 the posted cost, if that helps you just email me and remind me of your comment here...I see "mckcampell" but not sure of your just let me know if I can help ya ok. Thank you so much!! xo Jules:)

  4. I placed an order but would also love to win your beautiful laces. Thanks a bunch!

  5. Beautiful trims n laces! I don't usually use those but I think I might give them a try! Great deal too! Thanks!

  6. You have a great website to look at and I love the work you do-thanks for sharing. Love your selections of ribbon and lace. Thanks for providing a chance to win a sample!

  7. Hi Jules! I placed an order, but I was wondering if you'll be discontinuing the sale of laces & trims in your store? I've loved purchasing your trims & hope to purchase other items from you in the future. I was just curious if you're completely clearing out. Big hugs, Patrice!

    1. Hi Patrice! I'm replying here too so others will know to, but I know we chatted a bit already,:)

      I will continue to sell laces and trims as long as I have breath! LOL....The lace link is temporarily closed because I'm adding on the new shtuff!! Thanks so much for being patient:) xoxo

  8. Hey sweet Jules! I just placed an order! I can't wait to get these beautiful laces and trims in my hands!
    Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful laces! Have a blessed day!

    1. aww...Tina, you're so sweet thank you so much for stopping in!! I appreciate the support so much! xoxo Jules:)

  9. All of the laces look so pretty. Thank you for being so generous and having this contest.

  10. This is my first time viewing your videos....simply beautiful work. Our Lord has blessed you with a wonderful talent. So happy to see you use it to INSPIRE OTHERS....thanks also for an opportunity to possibly win this....God Bless....Carol

  11. I'm really looking forward to getting these laces! They are so beautiful!

  12. i hope for my next order , they still in your store ,,
    and still same price LOL..
    Im busy to growing my money trees :))

    hugs Djyoti

  13. I received my package today and I love love love it. Thank you so much!!

  14. Hi my sweet friend...I placed an order too, and would love to win some extras for my Nursing Home a very kind Jules to do this...May the winner enjoy this BLESSING, that Jules so kindly has given for someone to be BLESSED With....thanks so much..I can't wait for my order to see the beautul lace....

  15. Hi, I just placed an order and thank you for the chance to win!


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