Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece" ~ Fall Blog Hop!

Hello everyone!

(Today, the 17th, is the November Blog Hop for 
"Just A Few Friends" on Facebook, by Elsa)

I have been invited to join a wonderful group of artists led by Elsa at 
"Just A Few Designs", called "Just a Few Friends" on Facebook!!

This group is made up of artists who want to dedicate a project or more a month. This is mainly to keep up mojo and lend support and encouragement through the art of crafting!

I am the newest added "cub" to this "den" of artists!
(You can see a list of everyone in the group over on the left 
side of my blog under the "Roar With Pride" banner! )
So, today is my first blog hop with the "Den of Friends".

Weather you're coming over from Yvette's blog or just dropping by,
 I thank you for coming over! 
But you may want to start from over at Elsa's blog 
then follow the line up from there!

Here's the list!! I'm at the end...:)
Elsa: http:/

then me!:)

Here is my project for the month of November which was to create a Fall Home Decor piece! So, I created a Thanksgiving Table centerpiece with some cork trivets from IKEA my husband picked up for me while he was on a trip! He's so sweet, he said he thought I would like them and maybe make something out of them....which I did see once before and almost got, but then I put them back, trying to be frugal.....I'm glad he grabbed them for me, now I don't feel so "spendy"...not that they were, but you get what I'm saying!

I made some handmade Fall Mum Flowers in my last post, here they are again...
Ah, they're so pretty...I hope you like these! 
I did make a video tutorial for them you can watch HERE! :)

So, here is my centerpiece!
(I have also made these burlap rose buds 
I sell here on my blog, you could find them at this link)

Some close-up's

Top view....
Here's my video tutorial on how I put it together, enjoy....

  I hope you like this!! It is a great feeling when you make something beautiful for your family....and on a special day of Thanksgiving! I can't wait to put a little tea light in it and place it on our table for our traditional 
Thanksgiving dinner....just around the corner!

I do pray you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your friends and family this season! Sending you hugs today!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you leave me a comment and let me know what you are planning for Thanksgiving! If you're creating a project or something, please share with me! I would love to see....just email me a picture ok!!

Here is a list of what I used!
1~flowers, white daisy blooms from
(Tutorial on how to make them is here)
2~From IKEA, cork trivets (pack of 3)
3~Random nuts from a potpourri bag
4~Pine cones from my stash
5~Acorns from Hobby Lobby
6~Hemp cord/twine from Walmart
7~Cornhusks from Walmart
8~Natural skeleton leaves from WOC
9~Fall berry spray from my local Mike's or Joann's
10~pom pom flower centers from Walmart
11~Burlap flowers handmade by me
12~Large green rose leaves from WOC
13~American Crafts card stock, Ivory
14~Maple Leaf punch by McGill
15~Small 2-tone copper open roses from WOC
16~Distress inks (info on previous post)
17~Lindy's Stamp Gang Sprays (info on previous post)

Have a very blessed weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
HUGS from the Pride!!


  1. Super beautiful Jules!!! Love it to pieces :) big hugs and blessings, Violet

    1. Thank you so much Violet! I appreciate you girl so much:) xoxo

  2. Wow Jules love your centerpiece looks great, great way to use the potpourri I love your style I follow your blog and your videos

    1. Hello Ms Vicki!!! My moms name is Victoria! LOVE that name!!!:) Thank you so much for the support, I so appreciate you and thank you so much for watching and commenting sweetie! HUGS!!! Jules:)

  3. First and foremost....yay on your first Den project. It is GORGEOUS. You are so talented. I followed your flower tutorial and made a few. It was so easy, thanks for sharing how your creative mind works. I look forward to more of your work. Blessings and have an awesome Thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you sweetie!! Did you make them? I'm so glad you liked them! They are so cool right?? Did you use the same daisy flowers or something else!? :) I wanna see, will you share them on FB?? Please share ok:) xoxo

  4. This. Is. BEAUTIFUL!! Welcome to the Den, I'm glad you are here!
    Hugs and Roars,

    1. awww....Michelle that is so sweet of you! Thank you so much, I am so honored to be here, you guys have been the sweetest to me and so welcoming! Thank you:) xo

  5. Hermana!!! Welcome to the Den!!! I am stoked your part of our lil group! Your project is just beautiful and will add such beauty to your table!!! I want one! lol Your so talented and it's been a blessing getting to know you and being able to call you a friend this year!! Take care of you...

    1. Same here my friend! You've been so supportive and encouraging to me!!! It means a lot to have you part of my life! Thank you so much for the invite! Luv ya!!! Jules:)

  6. Jules! I am so glad to see you have joined the Den - congrats! I am already a huge fan of yours and I am thrilled you have joined Elsa and the others!

    This centerpiece is just gorgeous! We celebrate Thanksgiving twice - once with my family (about 30 of us) on the Sunday before Thanksgiving (tomorrow) and then on Thanksgiving day with my hubby's family (about 11 of us). I never really do any decorating for Thanksgiving or fall, but this hop is making me want to! I love this centerpiece... I don't think I will get one made before tomorrow as I am still up to my eyeballs in pie baking (I took a break for this hop!), but maybe by Thursday? Thanks for the inspiration!! I LOVE THOSE MUMS!

    1. Hey there Ms Becky! I'm so happy you stopped by and watched, read and left a comment! Thank you for following my work, it's because of sweet friends like you that I do this! This group has been the most warmest and the most welcoming! I am so much more than honored to be part of it! Thanks again! Huge Hugs, Jules:)

  7. First of all, welcome to our den. It's awesome having you with us. I'm thrilled. And wow, your centerpiece is perfect and beautiful. I love it. I can't wait to watch your YT to see how you created it.

    1. Hey Ms Yvette! Thank you hon! I am so thrilled as well to be part of this group!! I keep telling Elsa that I hope I can keep up...but you guys make ma feel to part of the family, I don't see me not being part of it, we'll see! :) I appreciate you guys! Love ya'll, Jules:)

  8. Jules...WELCOME TO THE DEN MY BEAUTIFUL PAPER SISTER CUB!!!! I am elated to have you join us as you are so incredibly talented. I can't wait to go and make some of those beautiful flowers with your tutorial. Your centerpiece is EXQUISITE!!! I love Love LOVE it!! I am so blessed to be in your company...I can learn a lot from you!! You have a beautiful family Girl...and a most beautiful blog!! I hope that you don't mind that I visit often and ask a ton of questions?!? I hope that we can become true friends as it seems we have a lot in common!!! Big Hugs...Yvonne "Bon" :)

    1. Bon! You're so sweet!! Thanks for your welcome! I appreciate it! I don't mind if anything I do inspire you on anything, it would be an honor to see what you create! BTW, We're already friends girl! xoxo Jules:)

  9. First of all let me welcome you to the "PRIDE". I have been a youtube follower of yours for some time now and have always enjoyed your projects! I saw the teaser you posted on our Facebook group and couldn't wait to get a look at the whole project and it did not disappoint! I love it! Thank you also for posting the video! I looking forward to our next group adventure!

    1. awww...Sue! Thank you so much hon! I appreciate the welcome:) I'm glad we can share this part of our lives together and inspire others while in this group! :) Big Hugs, Jules:)

  10. Drooling Jules Drooling....your flowers are just divine....OMG girl you rocked the hop!! AWESOME centrepiece. Can't wait to try your flower tutorial. {{hugs}} Kimi xx

    1. Thank you Ms Kimi!! I want to thank you for your help while getting ready for this hop! It helped so much:) You are a keeper my friend! LOL:) Luv ya, Jules:)


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