Thursday, June 28, 2012

A season of change.....

Hey everyone!

Hope your day is off to a great start!

It's a sunny day and the rays are streaming through my window this morning!It's about 6:30am!!
There's a new season of change coming into my life ...... it's a good thing and I'll be optimistic about it! :)

Over the last couple of years I've seen my kids slowly grow up, one has moved out to go to college....he's almost graduated and I'm a proud momma! My "baby" is now working and about to be a senior in high school...still, a proud momma! :) 

Having had talks about paying off debt so we can travel, my hubby and I now find ourselves putting this off a little bit longer now that we've come across changes my parents are going through. They are a very healthy pair of short people! LOL!!
....but nevertheless, are older and slowing down. My mom is in her mid 70's and is as spunky as ever! But I find her falling asleep at her couch more often and going to bed earlier and earlier:) She's super darn cute when she snores though! My papa...?....well, he's slowed down a lot over the last few years. Now in his early 80's he's becoming forgetful and is harder of hearing. He was a Jockey back in the 50's and 60's and as a result of so many years of wear and tear on his joints and multiple accidents....his poor little bones hurt:(

I remember something I read when I was a little girl and kinda wondered what it meant back then, but now that things are happening and now that I'm older it's becoming more clear to me ...."Honor your Father and Mother, then you will live a long full life...."  this piece of scripture is found in Exodus 20:12, it means a lot to me and I want to do what is right! So if it means living with my parents to help them and help take care of them in their older years, then I'll do what I have to!:)

For now, my parents need me and in all actuality, I still need them too! :) 

Over the last year we've discussed living together again, more over the last 2-3 weeks, so, we are. I'll be moving out of this house to be with my parents...along with my hubby and daughter. Yard sales have gone on and now some repairs need to be made. Once our bottom floor is ready , we'll start moving in...for now, I have to pack up stuff!! :) 

Although I have issues physically, I'll do my best to be there for my parents like they've been there for me! They have been the most loving and most sacrificial people for their kids, as should I've learned to be to mine. I hope for the best and that God will tie us closer together....I also hope and pray for stand tall no matter what happens and to make things easier for them as they relax a little more as we try to relieve some stressors by being there and taking care of things they used to so they don't have to worry about them. I'll be obedient to God and honor my parents only because.....well, I LOVE them! :)

So, with all that being said, what's gonna happen to my craft space and my love for it...????  Well, the show must go on people! :)

I'll be sharing a video of my new space once I'm all moved in (a before and after) and have things the way I want! I had promised to share my room here but since I never really felt at home here, I've moved things and changed things around and it was never really ready to show. But now that my time with Craft Warehouse is about over :( and I have a few weeks off from WOC, I'll have the time to get situated and set up my space how I want, making myself feel more at home in my new space!

As for "The Jule Box" shop..?...I'll still take orders, but just so you know it may take a day or two longer. It will be the last room to move so I can move it all together and focus on it, but I'll do my best to keep it moving smoothly. 

I'll be in and out of Facebook but will have my email open and checking that daily, so let me know if you need anything!:) I hope to be able to watch some of you on you tube and read up on blog posts a little too.

As I go through this transition I'll ask my friends if they could send good thoughts my way, some prayers too if you remember, please. 

See ya in a little while.....God Bless and thanks friends!

xo, Jules:)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Altering your flowers with a new look!

Hey there everyone!

Thanks so much for stopping in:)
Todays share is one that I hope you'll love and try with your own stash of flowers!
I'm gonna show you how to create different looks to your favorite "Wild Orchid Crafts" paper flowers!

Here's my video tut!

Close up pics of the flowers I shared in this video!
I put the original flowers next to the altered ones so you can see the change in colors and textures!
The Hydrangeas above were used on a card I made a few days ago, 
to see that project, click HERE.
Love this look!...ahh!

**Wild Orchid Crafts products:

**Other Products used:
1~Tim Holtz Distress Inks:    
"Taterred Rose"    
"Old Paper"    
"Vintage Photo"
2~ White acrylic paint
3~ Pearls (for flower center)
4~Lindy's Stamp Gang Sprays:    
"Cosmopolitan Pink"
5~ Water bottle sprayer    

Thanks so much for peeking. Please leave me a comment, I love hearing from you! xo, Jules:)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Projects using Echo Park's "Take Note"

Hello all!

Hope you all had a great week! The weekend is here! 

I'll be sharing a couple of of LO and a couple of altered items using the "Take Note" paper collection by Echo Park. Now, this is not my style of paper I thought! LoL...but I did LOVE this particular one. It's got a wonderful color palette and some awesome designs, especially the view finder sheet!

These projects are my assignment #5 for Craft Warehouse! They are carrying some "Echo Park" papers...this collection among others and they have tons of alterable items...there's like 2 whole isles at my local store! I get stuff all the time to alter, one of my favorite things to do is alter a wooden piece, so much fun! Our DT kit for this assignment also came with some vinyl images...a cute little pack of 3 images, and a stencil pack by "Crafter's Workshop" that is 6x6 with a Houndstooth design.

My First LO is a 12x12 that had to be pattern paper heavy to showcase the paper collection. It also was supposed to use the viewfinder paper in a unique way and have some of the Studio Calico wooden veneer shapes!

I cut the center 9 viewfinders to leave a border frame. I cut slits in the inner corners of the corner ones to slip the blue polka dotted paper in, like how the corners of a gift card have the corners tucked in on a gift card holder...? that! I though that was cool looking:) See the backside....
I made a cute bulletin board with the cork board paper and did some  fussy cutting of the collection, like the clipboard with the "notes" that paper pad is from a boarder strip I cut chipboard, adhered some cork board paper, then a sticker tag, then the "Note Pad" . On ledger paper I wrote in kids writing, "I love you mom" and pinned it with a mini clothespin. I also pinned little "Note to self" clippings from several papers description strip!
I created a "thought bubble" above my picture, the bubble with the sentiment has tons of circles punched so I can layer the sentiment in the center! The wood veneers are the stars and I placed them on the 2 bubbles and used a house wood shape on the lower left side.
On the bottom right corner is my picture with scraps of paper layered in the corner. I made labels to flag out on the side of my picture that describes me! ("Mom", "Wife", Girl") hehe...
The 2nd LO is of my sweet Charley! I used my cute new mini camera, the "Instax mini 25" by Fujifilm! It takes these cute Poloroids the size of business cards! Love it!!! So I snapped a pic of my Charley sitting at the window like a kitty like she does for at least 4 hours for her morning nap! I bugged her to look up and she wasn't very happy that I woke her....but oh well, I got my pic! this was a Designer's choice layout, so I could do whatever I want on this one! It's not my fav but I like it!!
I think if I would have used a less busy 12x12 for the base and used like a very subtle design or solid color card stock it would have rocked better...but I do like it! I did more layering behind the photo where one of the titles were. I added a brown scallop border sticker on the bottom left side where I tucked in 3 flags and journaled in the middle one since I used a ledger design from the collection. There is a wood veneer camera piece here that I poured some glossy accents into the holes to create a "lens"....I thought that was cute!:)
I received 2 alterable items made from recycled material, a journal with handles and a cute box with lid that had a stack of kraft colored note paper to jot down notes and stuff!.....and I really didn't know which one I wanted to keep so I did them both, then I'll decide:) I had fun with both of them! 

So there are my 2 LO! Now...altering.....

Here is the journal! My assignment was to use paper or elements, and stickers from the collection and I must use one wood veneer piece! Sounds easy enough:) But I also added a pocket on the inside and some clips with paper for spots to mark in my journal!
The blue zigzag border is a sticker, I only wanted to add paper to the cover but still exposing the Kraft of the cover, like with the handles and edges. Then embellish. The wood veneer is a house and that's right above the sentiment! I used twine for the 2 tags, the red strip was scrap paper...for the pop of color!:) The original sentiment said "These are the Days", I covered the "the" with "MY" from the sticker alpha sheet, then a flower sticker on the top right corner of the book! A little softness I think is the black ribbon on the spiral. Here's an up close side view.....
I wanted to create something's the fun part of this project for me!
I created a workable pocket, I added a journaling card from the collection in the pocket:)
then I made.... pointing finger markers!
I fussy cut a few of the pointing hand and tied a string around the finger, then hot glued them to a large black paper clip to keep my spot! :) These were fun to make! I also made a bookmark clip with a scrap paper.
Now what's left is the stencil and the vinyl that I was supposed to use on at least 1 project! Here those are:)
I used a distress ink that I thought best matched the color of the paper except I used "Scattered Straw" Distress Ink, lightly rubbing so the image slightly shows up! can see it in the top right corner of the book...just a little color and a little texture!

The Vinyl images were a bicycle, a crown and a key and I couldn't see that they matched the collection too my opinion, then I thought, the book is to be about dad used to call me "Mi Princessa", his, I went with the crown.....
...the top picture you can see that the pen has a little home strapped into the book! I applied the vinyl piece just like a rub-on and viola! I also added jute at the top of the pen and a strip of music paper from the collection at the bottom of it!

oh...I did say I altered my box too that is, the lid top....
The inside has a lid with a pocket and another hand clip, I added a little pencil I had...
I'm gonna keep the box.....only because I have tons of journals already! LoL!!

So, I did record the process:) I know I mentioned a lot, but if you'de like to see can, ok!

Thanks so much for popping in to peek, if you're in Washington, Oregon or Idaho, you may have a "Craft Warehouse" near you...please visit get some alterables, then go get yourself the "Note to Self" paper collection to create some very cool projects!! You can get pretty much all you need to create these projects for yourself!

For other projects and layouts made with this collection, you gotta see the other DT members project pics at the Craft Warehouse website!!! Here's the link!

Have a great weekend you guys!

xo, Jules:)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Making Cherry Blossoms!

Hello everyone!

Todays post is to share a cute and easy flower!!!
I want to share some Cherry Blossoms I made to go with a project I'm in the middle of making. I wanted some very tiny Cherry Blossoms, but I don't have any and so I decided to try and make some using a small punch. I also like the idea that I can use the actual paper collection so that they match my project!

So I am using a paper flower punch by EK Success called "Retro Flower"! I bought one of them at Michael's and the other at Joann's....and I've seen 3 sizes, so you can use which ever one you want, I used the smallest 2! I also used some stamens I found at Wild Orchid Crafts and Michael's, but of course you can use what you want! :)

Here are the pics and the video will follow! Enjoy!

Here are the punches!
Here's my tutorial!
Please let me know if you have any questions!:)
xo, Jules

Monday, June 4, 2012

"Miss You" card!

Hello and Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Graduations and Graduation Parties were happening all weekend here in the Pacific Northwest! So, Congrats new Grads!!

So in the middle of all the festivities, I got a call from my sister Lisa and we chatted for about an hour...we hadn't spoken for almost 2 months and it was so nice to just sit a chat with her...I miss's time for her to come back up to Oregon for another visit. I hate being far from family!

I decided to make her a card...and I had just bought this stamp set from TPC Studio that had a lot of sentiments on I made her this card!

I used items from one of my favorite shops, Wild Orchid Crafts
So, I'll share a product list of what I used below.

Here is the card:)

Here's what I used from WOC!
(I would use any of the ones listed for this project)
(I would use any of these cotton laces also)

Other items:
1~Martha Stewart "Floral Lace" border punch
2~Fiskars "Threading Water" border punch
3~"Lacey Ovals" dies by Spellbinders
4~"Scintillating Silver" Glitz Spritz by Lindy's
5~Ivory card stock
(bought at Michael's)
6~"Classic Ovals" Large die by Spellbinders
7~"Olive Branch" die cut by Cheery Lynn
8~ 3 in 1 Butterfly punch by Martha Stewart
9~"Greetings" Clear Stamps by TPC Studio
(bought at Joann's)

Hope you all will have a very blessed week!
xo, Jules:)