Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Blessing and giveaway!!

(4/12 Giveaway is closed...after 33 comments! 
Winners will be announced sometime today! Thanks for commenting!)

Hello everyone!

I pray you have a WONDERFUL Easter!  There's so much that Easter means to me....from all kinds of levels! But primarily, I thank my God for the gift of His Son to the me....the birth, the mission, the torture He endured in my place, the death to all equal my salvation and life!

Weather you believe in God or not,  I pray that all who read this are blessed...especially today! I do pray that you find what you're looking for, I pray you're loved unconditionally, I pray your family is safe, I pray your relationship grows stronger or gets mended, I pray for your heart to be satisfied! I pray the best for you!

Without getting more mushy, I do want to celebrate somehow here in Blog land and YouTube land and FaceBook land and say "Happy Easter" to everyone!

So...I wanna do a giveaway! Just to bless 3 people, one person per website!!   I would love to giveaway 1 Accucut die cut set from my current listings (of your choice, more to be added at a later date) here and a lace bundle featuring my latest releases (already posted is a general picture of my pile,watch for the video and my FB announcement!  
"Shabby Goodness"
~"TJB" Spring 2012 Lace and Trim Releases~

Giveaway rules:

1~ You must be a Subscriber, Follower or Friend on any 1 of the 3 sites, I'll be checking to make sure at time of drawing. So make sure if you only have an account at 1 place...that's where you'll comment ok....not on any of the others.

2~ Leave 1 comment or post on any of the sites what you're doing to celebrate Easter Sunday! 
~~ONLY COMMENT ONCE ON ANY ONE OF THE 3 PLACES NOT ALL 3!~~ 1 comment per person per 1 website! :)

3~ Make sure on blogger (if this is where you are leaving a comment), I can contact you or check back where you commented for the announcement of the winners!

~If you are commenting on FB, you MUST comment on the Easter Giveaway post (blogger will add this post on my FB timeline, comment on that)

~I will announce the 3 winners on Thursday 4/12/12 on my Youtube!! (I'll add that video on here and FB)

Have a blessed day everyone!! Big Hugs!! Jules:)

John 11:25-26 (NIV)
Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me will live, even though he dies; but he who lives and believes in me will never die."


  1. Thank you Jules for the awesome PRAYER and wonderful give a way...I am up early to start our family
    easter celebration .... Hsve a wonderfully BLESSED Easter (((HUGS)))

  2. Hi jules,
    Thank you so much for your prayers!, Have a great easter and enjoy eachother!
    I went to my mother and father today there staying on a camping field and my little girl liked it there so much she didn't want to leave! she was playing in the sand aww soo cute!

    Hugs ashley
    AshleyENpuk on youtube

  3. thank you for your prayers. Happy Easter to you and your family. We spend the day with the family. great giveway and the opportunity to have their winnen.hugs, corina

  4. hi jules thanks for the prayers, we are celebrating my daughter in law coming hme from hospital we are happy and joyful that she is better, ptaise the lord, we are haveing family over today, god bless and happy day

  5. Hi Jules! Happy Easter to you! I am celebrating today! My son had his first communion last night at our Easter vigil at my church! It was beautiful and I was so proud and still am! We are celebrating Jesus being the biggest part of our lives today! Take care :)

  6. Hi Jules just got home from church and waiting for my dinner items to cook so checking the blog and very thankful today as well indeed, and heading over to spend the day with family! Blessings to you too! KellyP (walkelmol YT)

  7. Hi Jules
    I will be going to the Fort Worth Gardens to enjoy the Beautiful Rose Garden. My Family is in Indiana so I wont be with them, but I will have them with me in my thoughts....Thanks for the sweet giveaway...:}

  8. Happy Easter, Jules
    My daughter is all grown up and works weekends in a hospital. This Easter, as in the past, I made treat bags for her co workers. I also made Carrot Cake Cupcakes and egg salad sandwiches. I take everything up to the hospital and she and her co workers can have a special treat while working on a day normally spent with family. Thanks for the giveaway

  9. What a sweet giveaway on this wonderful day Jules! I am unfortunately working and my oldest daughter is working also. Everyone else is just kind of relaxing. We had a big family party yesterday so that was fun. I hope you have a blessed Easter :) He has risen!

  10. Thank you Jules for your wonderful prayers. Happy Easter to you and your family!! We are spending a quite day home with eachother. Thanks for the cool give away!!!

  11. Hallelujah Jules!!! How precious are you!!! Love this giveaway and what it represents...The ONE and ONLY<3 I work nights and this is our weekend on, so unfortunately, I am working and sleeping...but that is okay, for truly we can celebrate Easter all year because our blessed Savior lives :) Again, love your giveaway! Mucho hugs my friend, Violet

  12. Thanks Jules, for your sweet words for all. I am at home crafting and watching you tube videos as my spouse is at the Masters golf tournament and my family is far away. Thanks for blessing us all on this beautiful Easter.

  13. Happy Easter to you too Jules! Beautiful trims. Me and my little family stayed at home this year. My kids got a razor, and some skates from the Easter bunny so it's been fun watching try to use them Lol! Good thing we purchased the pads to go with them.


  14. Happy Easter Jules! My Easter has been lonely lol, just staying at home and crafting :)it is a lovely day outside though and i just feel inspired! Thanks for teh chance to win some yummy trims! Can never get enough LOL. Enjoy your day :) xoxo Miranda

  15. Hi Jules
    Thank you for the lovely wishes for all of us, and I wish the same for you. Are you enjoying sunshine like we are here in Western WA today? Hugs to you, and Happy Easter. Oh, and we're not doing anything special today. Chocolate features prominently, though!

  16. Happy Easter to you as well Jules! I am going to be spending time with my family today with a little Easter dinner. Thanks so much for the chance to win a prize, you are so generous!

  17. Hi Jules, May God Bless you and your family abundantly. Happy Easter to you too,and I thank you for your prayers. I pray that The Lord will continue to bless you today and always. I spent the day at church with my church family and my kids. I live in Ohio and my family is in California so my church family is the closest family we have here. I praise God for all of his Mercy and his Grace. Thank you for an awesome giveaway, and God Bless you, Carmen (Maksnana2012 YT), Create In Me (

  18. Jules, we celebrate Easter with husband Family. We have hamburgers and the kids do easter hunt and crack conefttie eggs on each others head. We also catch up with some of the family friends we havent seen for a while
    God bless Jesus.
    Thanks for the chance to win. We are friends on all locations :0)

  19. Jules,
    A very Blessed Easter to you, too!! Thanks for a chance at your goodies.
    I am a follower of your blog.
    Unfortunately I had to work today :(and my family is scattered and won't be able to be together (except in spirit) :( But that's better than not at all!!

  20. awww you are the sweetest thing. I love all of you wonderful things.Happy Easter to you and your family.
    Hugs Nettie

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  22. Well, it sounds like a lovely gift to giveaway! I actually spent the day by myself. I went to church yesterday and heard a great sermon, but I am single, and don't celebrate the holiday usually. Thank you for this chance to win. I love your vids and have enjoyed purchasing from your blog. I love your talent! Jennifer

  23. What a beautiful post for all of us. Thank you. You are a blessing to me Jules. A big turkey feast with my hubby and 2 children, oh and my son fried some lumpia that my daughter made yesterday. We added that for my beautiful Mama. I also finished up my tag swap to mail to my swappers. The weather was beautiful here in Tracy. Can't wait for the trims to be up so I can shop!!!! Love you lots and God Bless you today and always. Velma

  24. Hello Jules....
    The giveaway is just gorgeous!! I am new to all the YouTube video's and Blog's. I just signed up with you on Facebook and following you on Pinterest!! (I LOVE your boards!)
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter??
    Mine was very good.....had my sister's family in town for the weekend and my husband was home as well. (He work's in another state.) We did some fun things together and had a great Easter dinner before they left for Michigan! It was a beautiful day for Easter and hope you had a wonderful Easter as well?!
    Have a great week!
    Cheri (

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  26. Hi Jules. Happy blessed Easter to you too. I spent the weekend with my family sharing & caring and enjoying the Lord's blessing. This is a fabulous giveaway and now I know where to find beautiful trims like these, especially in these neutral colours. Would love the chance to win thought so thank you. Be blessed ~ Suzanne :D (

  27. I had a very blessed and fun Easter. I always celebrate by attending church service and having dinner with the love of my daughter. We had an absolutely fun time at was a major celebration! I cooked a traditional meal and had a quiet, pleasant evening. Thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway.

  28. I spent the day with my kids. My husband had to work. Thanks for the chance.


  29. Jules - You are soooo sweet. I know this doesn't sound like Easter, but my daughter was away so I spent most of the day working on a TT Roll Love your art so much.

  30. Happy Easter...spent time with the family....TFS....liann




  32. Hi Jules: Happy Easter for you too. I just checked my emails today, because I wanted to have a very low profile easter. I spent my Sunday with the most important person in my life, my husband. Thanks for the chance to win. sorry don't have a blog.

  33. I don't celebrate Easter but just so happened that Saturday was my sister's birthday and we went for a holiday at a seaside. Spent the whole Sunday at mom's house.
    Heaney xx

  34. First, Thank You so much for your prayers. I am pretty mushy myself. This is the 1st Easter I was not with all of my family and missed doing the Egg Hunt for the kids. However, I did attend church to give thanks and ask for his blessings. Also, went to visit with my Mom. God Bless you and your family Jules. You are quite an inspiration. Hugs:) Taylor


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