Sunday, March 25, 2012

Newest items now at Wild Orchid Crafts!

Ok people...I am announcing the new releases of flowers and a SWEET surprise....cameos!!!! 
I am excited about these!! I can't wait!!

So, here is the link to the "New Products" at WOC,  
go take a peek and get you some!!

Please tell me you went!!..?...
Hugs, Jules


  1. Oh I went lol! Thanks for sharing! So excited!

  2. Oh my goodness! I went too! If only I wasn't on a shopping freeze right now! That's ok ... I'll check them out again! TFS Jules!

    P.S. - I left an award for you on my blog - hope you like it! xoxo, Linda

  3. Yes, I went and looked! Sniff, sniff! I just received my latest order from them today so now I have to wait a while to order some more, which means they will probably be out of stock because they are so beautiful! LOL
    Oh how I love their stuff!

  4. I went and looked, waiting for those gardenias love them! ~Kelly

    1. Kelly Those Gardenias are available now!!! try this link:


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