Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Flowers at Wild Orchid Crafts!!


Wanted to share with my blogger buds some new flowers released at Wild Orchid Crafts!!

Check out the video and the links below it to get to them!! 
As of 3/25/12, the flowers I mentioned that weren't up on the site yet, NOW ARE!!!! Head over, the link is here!

Here are some links!

*For the New flowers(PM-00122 PM-00123 and PM-00120):

*Check out the CLEARANCE section!!!!!:

Thanks for stopping in, Jules:)


  1. Thanks for sharing I was looking at the website for the gardenias they are my favorite and I need some of those different colors. I hope they have them up soon! ~Kelly

    1. Hi Kelly! They are!!! plus some cameos!! Go to my newest post and click on the link in there. It will take you straight to all the newest yum!! Thanks for stopping in!! :) Jules


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