Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shaggy raffia flowers!

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend! :)

This is a Wild Orchid Crafts project that I want to share with you guys. I wanted to share some raffia flowers I made a bit ago and was asked from a few ladies to do a tutorial on them. They really are very easy, same concept as my doop of the Prima fabric flowers I did earlier this year. I did a video sharing all those I made. That video here, (make sure to skip through to 8:12 to get to the tut part of it!)

You can find various colors of the raffia over on the WOC website here! :)

Here are some pics of the most recent flowers and the video tut to follow :)

Here is my video tutorial in case you wanna peek! :)

Thanks for stopping in! xo, Jules


  1. Fantastic tutorial, thank you so much for sharing Juls. Oh and I love the look of the wee glue gun helpers. I cant seem to find it anywhere in Northern Ireland or in the UK anywhere, is it only available in the States to you happen to know? Lee x

  2. This is a very nice flower. I love it. Thanks for sharing, Johanne L.

  3. What cute ruffled flowers! Thanks for sharing--these flowers can add a really nice touch to any project!


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