Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a cool start...again!!!

Hello everyone!!

Well, I've been in contact with Tasha, the drive we had was such a success and I am so happy to say that she seriously had Christmas in April! I asked her to send me a picture of what she got and she sent me 2!! Take a peek below!

I was so blown away!! You ladies are incredible! She's soo happy, she sent me a picture of a tag/book someone made for her...her text to me was "It's for me"!!  Ah!!! I don't know what to say to everyone but thank you and God Bless you have made her soooo happy and that's all I wanted!! 

We also raised $90 in donations for Tasha...I sent that to her already! Thanks so much for that! 

Tasha told me that she was going to do a video...she wants to thank everyone! I had a few of you that told me that you wanted to stay anonymous I won't mention any names but I do thank every single one of you!!

Needless to say, she has toys to play with again and can get all messy with glue and paper and whatever she wants! :)

If you still want to participate because maybe you could not before, you still can, I would say at this point, you can just put a box of goodies together for her of whatever you can still look at the comments from the last post to see what else may be needed. 

If you left a comment on the "Drive" post and never got an address from me, please let me know. I did read every comment and if you didn't leave me your email, I cannot contact you. 

Thanks again guys....what a cool start for Tasha....again huh?! way cool:)

xoxo, Jules:)


  1. Oh I am so happy for her- it should feel like Christmas, you know crafter's can be so generous can't they?

  2. :) Yes Dawn they truly are!!! Have a great day!! Jules:)

  3. So wonderful! She still has more coming.. I have been going through things as I have been cleaning and re-organizing my room. Got lots set aside and will be sending to her soon.
    Thanks for the opportunity to be a blessing to someone in need.
    God Bless!!


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