Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Muslin "Thank You" Card!


I made my first full fabric card! I love this..and I've always wanted to make something with fabric! Muslin is my favorite fabric to play with , I use it a lot!!

I will do a tutorial on a later date when I'm a lot more comfortable! For now, here are some pics and the video to follow! I explain in the video what I did so I won't write everything down.


You can find Angie on Youtube here. I know she'll do more swaps in the future, so if your interested, hang out and check in!!  Thanks Angie!

Thanks for stopping by! xo, Jules:)

Happy Birthday Tiana!

Hey guys!

Our 1 day trip to Portland!!  We went to the Clackamas Town Center! I love this place! It takes a bit to get there from where we live but the view through from the freeway is just gorgeous!!....

So off we went, looking at Mt. Hood capped with snow!

This was a 2 1/2 hour drive away to go to the mall!!! Crazy huh? Now Tiana has never been through this I was excited for her to see some sights that have been so part of my and my own family's biological kids and have seen many times, but I love that T took her cell phone camera and was taking pics herself of places...of memorable places that Manny and I wanted her to remember, creating new memories with her new family!! :)

Multnomah Falls! One of the most beautiful Falls I have ever seen! 

This is kinda far away, but still beautiful! We will go back with T to have dinner at the lodge there....this was a drive by pic taking!! hehe I will share better pics later on another trip with T and the fam!

So we get to the Town Center and shopped! One place I was so happy we can  take her to and where she'd never been and wanted to go to was "Build A Bear"!  She made her first and maybe only bear and dressed it!! So cute!!

 Now....gonna pic out clothes!!

Anna had a fashion revelation when she picked out her clothes this morning!! The "Build a Bear" shop had it ready for picking out...and guess who dressed up like Anna?

 Yeah, the bear!!!  Anna was so can't see her pants but they were a very dark blue like the bears! 

Now, his birth certificate! This shop is way adorable, I felt like a little kid myself! LOL

 We walked a little more, shopped and went to have dinner because it was time to get home. Dad has to go to work tomorrow and they have school too. We stopped at a fav restaurant called "Cousins" Some of the best southern food that I know of. They sang to Tiana and she had some cake!! lol

 I think Tiana was starting to fall asleep with you know who!!

 It was a great day...of course this was a teeny piece of it, but I wanted to share! 

I did a video of a card I made for Tiana...I'll share it in a bit. Not my normal choice of colors, but I liked was cute for girl! :)

Here is the video:

Thank you God for my family! I ask for strength and guidance for Manny and me, so we would always do the right thing for our family, the family you gave us! 

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a great day!

xo, Jules

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'll be gone!

Hey everyone!

Ok, so I totally forgot to post this earlier...I'm sure that maybe "Feedburner" will kick this post to emails later than I want. But here it goes anyways....

So one of my girls is celebrating her 16th on Monday!!! Yay Tiana!!  I'm snatching her away from school and I'm gonna take her shopping, and the best part.....Dad took the day off and Anna gets to come, so we're gonna make a day of it!!!

She hasn't got a clue...I don't think so anyways:) hehe.. I always wanted to be absent from school on my Birthday when I was younger!  Never was allowed too, so..I do for my kids what I wish I had, don't we do that anyways! lol.. I'm excited and I can't wait...

I have been trying to make her a card for days....and nothing!! argh!! it's 3:39am Monday and we gotta get up at 6 to shower and be gone by 7! .....and now.... I finally have a card :/ took forever....why? I'll share later...and pics of our outing!!  

Wish us safe travels, we're driving a few hours away!

oh....orders that were filled on Friday evening and after...will be mailed out on Tuesday March 29th!

If it's been a few days and you haven't received your invoice, please check your email address that is on the paypal account you used when you ordered!!! That email address is the only one I would have.....I am caught up on my invoices!!!!

Ok, going to bed, then gonna go out with the fam in a few hours and I will c-ya when I get back!!

Have a great Monday everyone and God Bless!! xo, Jules

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Colorful Posey Ball and Card using great products!

Hey all! 

I made another posey ball that is so festive and colorful!! I made this for a friend of mine, Aliscia, (click here to get to her YouTube channel she makes the most beautiful mini's) to match her scrap room!!! It's a beautiful Blueberry and Lime color! SO I went and got the same blue and green colored kool-aid!!! yeah, kool aid! I love this ball! I made it the same way as mine (tutorial video below) just that I only used sugarless kool-aid, you know what, it smells good! lol...! I didn't make hers as full because I would almost triple the filters...this one looks like the one in the magazine I found this beautiful ball at!! (I showed it on the video....below)

I made a vintage style Posey a while back and I totally forgot to share it on my blog...shame on me! So, I will be posting picks here on this post today!

I also made a card using some great products using Graphic 45, Tim Holtz, and one of my favorite stamps by Crafty Secrets!!! Love it! Aaand, I used for the first time some mulberry flowers that I purchased from "Wild Orchid Crafts" I have purchased another order already because I love these!! You can find some great flowers and a whollotta other very yummy goodies at their website here! Please visit them, they are in the UK, but they ship out here and they are faster than many! Cool!

Please leave a comment on this post and tell me what you think! Have a great weekend guys!!

Here is mine I did a few months ago with tea and a mix of tea and red food coloring! You can watch the video of the 1st part below!

 Notice the staining on the edges of the filters in the pic below!

Here is the card I made!

I love this card! I have mentioned before that I'm not a card maker....but I think I feel comfortable enough now...finally, to say that I am!

Thanks for all the encouragement you have given me through my bloggie life! I want you guys to know that I do read all the comments you leave...sometimes I can't reply back, but I sure really appreciate that you stop by, read my blog, look at pics and hopefully are inspired to make something too!!

Luv ya "xoxo"

...oh, I almost is the video tutorial on that posey ball! Click on the Youtube logo on the video to get to my channel and see the 2nd part:)

Thanks for stopping in! xo, Jules

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Beauty" Wall hanging piece for swap!


I joined a friends swap at the beginning of the year! My friend Angie (Angieb43 on YT) had a very cool concept for this project. She wanted each persons piece to reflect or define "Beauty", she wanted dimension to it and on a 6x6 piece of chipboard. A must was using Graphic 45 paper, which was one of my favorite parts!!! I just had a hard time deciding which collection to use....after sifting through my G45 box, I went with "Le Romantique"'s very girly and themey of a wedding or anniversary...and romance!!!

Here is my piece! I hope you enjoy the video and what I did for this project!

Have a fabulous day....remember to click on a photo to enlarge it to see very close up detail! :)



"The Beauty of a woman isn't facial, but 
True Beauty in a Woman is reflected by her Soul"

Thank you for stopping by! xo, Jules:)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Frayed Fabric Flowers!!

Hello all!

I made these flowers quite some time ago and wanted to make a tut on them....well I did...but then it took me over a week to upload it! lol... Here are some pics and then the video to follow!!

These are my frayed fabric flowers...I love snipping and ripping the fabrics into strips and then stitching them to gather it and decorate with whatever I want....just like I did with my lace and satin (soft) fabrics in the past..I added feathers, string of pearls, sequin, buttons, pearl centers...oh, the possibilities are endless! take a peek and tell me what you think! I would love to hear from you!!

In the bottom photo, I wanted to fray a lollipop flower, I just rolled it in my hand, like I was wadding up a piece of paper to throw away! and then a large red frayed circle for the base of the "Holly and Leaves" fabric, using a red button!! I had a scrap and it was very thin...that's where the baby one came from! lol...

In my video, I show you the basic frayed flower, you can add whatever you want after you've made the base part! I hope you like this tutorial!! 

Enjoy the video! xo, Jules:)