Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Make your own spool to alter!

Hello people!

I finished a project I've been trying to get out there for a while now....a handmade spool to alter...I realized that I had cardboard dowels from wrapping paper, but also, I have bathroom paper rolls!! Don't you?? lol 

I grabbed my Sizzix circle die and cut me out some circles I could use at the ends of the rolls!!  Well I made it and it came out pretty darn cute! I think you all can make one's really fun!! 

If you are interested in some circle die cuts you can find 4 sizes here!  I also have a huge selection of laces I sell in my shop. Please come take a peek! :)

So Here is the video followed by pics! Enjoy:)

Some close-up's!

Thanks for stopping in! 
xo, Jules

Monday, February 14, 2011

Looking at our life from 25 years ago on this Valentine's day 2011!!!:)

Hello everyone!

I want to wish you a very Happy Valentine's day today! I woke up to my hubby whispering, "I love you honey"....and a kiss on my forehead and he rubbed his thumb over it! 

We've been married for over 20 years and together for totaling about 25 and it still seems so new:) I feel like the most blessed woman in the world and I pray you all have a day full of love from your companion, your family and friends.

Sometimes I can get so busy and frustrated when I'm stuck on something while working in my craft room, or almost burn something in the kitchen, or can't get that dumb fitted sheet on my bed (lol) and all it takes is for my sweet man to come in and give me a hug! times when I get upset with him and yell at him, he can still bring a calmness to me that no one else can....but God! lol This is how special he is to me!  

Does this mean we've never had issues...oh good Lord no!!! But I know this, that everything has made us stronger because we both chose to do what we had to for us and our family, and I thank God for that....I thank God for all of it!

I hope you look at the blessings in your life no matter how big or small and see that those are the most important things that help us stand in the middle of all the distractions and bumps we walk through.....I'm happy and I am satisfied!

I want to share some old pics of my family.....I had nothing digital back then but my watch so I snapped a pic with my cell phone of our family pictures that I have on our wall!! haha

These were the 80' don't laugh..... ok, you can laugh, I did!!!! :p

This is our 1 year "anny" of dating, now, he's 6 yrs older than me and I think it shows!...I love you honey!

 So, I got braces a few months later.....much needed...and yes, that's a perm!! My hubby is still as handsome to me now as he was then...and an amazing gentleman!!

 This is us...all 4 of us, about 6 years later!!! I love my little family:)  Lil Manny is 5yrs old and Anna is almost 1!! so chubsy wubsy!!

 I am still trying to get rid of the baby fat! lol  We've had other family portraits since this one, but I want to get a recent one with my Tiana!! She my 3rd child! Once I have it, I'll share it with you all

This is a pic that is from the same evening out to dinner as the one I posted on the side of my blog.  A kiss and a whisper of "I love you"!

I will forever cherish our love and friendship......I am blessed!!! Thank you Lord!

To my blogger friends and youtube sisters....sending some love your way! Happy Valentine's Day!!

xo, Jules:)