Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Blessings of Family and Friends" - My Christmas side!

This so much fun! Last week I have had my Christmas side completed and I wanted to share how I did it and what I used. I had to do a 2 part video.....I will post both videos for this side up first, then the detailed pics after wards. I am almost done with the Fall side and will post that soon, then all the pieces when they arrive!

Enjoy!  xoxo Jules:)

Here is part 1:)

Here is part 2:)

Here are pics. Remember that if you double click on them they will enlarge for you!


I will soon share with you all my "Fall" themed side. It is almost done....I just had such a hard time with my videos and the editing! So I had to do it this way! Thanks for stopping by!!

xoxo Jules:)


  1. Hey Jules, loved all your layers on this project. Your BFF Christmas side is so beautiful. Your work is amazing. Can't wait to see the Fall side. Your friend, Valerie

  2. Absolutely beautiful Jules!!! Much Aloha~ Jes

  3. Wow...what fabulous work & thank you for the videos. I appreciate you spreading the luv! :-) Enjoy the holidays!


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