Friday, September 17, 2010

A faux ruler tutorial...and a crackle effect!

Hello everyone!

I posted a new video on my YouTube channel on making a faux ruler as an embellishment! I realize that there are bloggers out there that don't have a YT channel, so, I've decided to start posting more of my videos and projects here at The Jule Box blog!

I have some pics of what I used. I hope that this post has helped you to create something new! I've also posted a video on how to use crackle medium....just in case you were like me and didn't know how to get that I will include that video and a pic along in this post at the very end! 


I also wanted to share in the next tutorial, how to use crackle medium with your acrylic paints to get that really cool effect of an aged cracked look on projects. I love using my distress crackle paint by Tim Holtz but not for a project that requires a lot of coverage. So this is what I like to of my fav things to do on an altered item!! I did a demo on medium weight chipboard. Here is a pic of that piece of CB and then of what I used, followed by the video! enjoy and thanks for stopping by! :)

I hope you have a fabulously blessed weekend! 

Thanks for stopping by!!

xoxo Jules:)


  1. can you seal it after it is done crackling? With like Mod Podge or something like that? Oh this is Liz/Ash from YouTube :)

  2. Hey there!! I tried to email you but couldn't pull it up....sorry...anyhow...I have never seen a need to seal it...I would think you could....there are sealants out there in spray and liquid form to paint on. I would rub some distress ink over it to get into the cracks and leave it! :) Anyhow, hope I helped:) xo, Jules:)


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