Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sharing some beautiful vintage cards I made this week!

Hello all!

I have always said I am not a card maker but I grabbed the bull by the horn this week and ventured out, with the determination to make some! There are several birthdays out and I love to make things for my friends! I have a few more to do and I want to make them share them with you! Let me know what you think. Did I pass the test? Am I official now! haha

I will start with my favorite! Graphic 45 with a little grunge, black lace and black touches:)

This is the 2nd one that is a lighter vintage card. I also love this one, it's a little softer!

This 3rd one is to me, more, shabby, elegant! I think that it does have a different feel than the others. Still vintage, but more elegant. I really like it to, cuz of the lace and the color and the butterflies:) It's pretty to me!

 I think I'm growing and I can say that I feel like I am an official card maker!
There are other kinds that I haven't made yet, which will be my next venture! I'm learning and growing, and I hope the recipients love them too!

Watch the vid below if you like!:)

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog, I love having you all over!

xoxo Jules:)


  1. All of them are very pretty but my favorite one is the domestic goddess!!!

  2. Hey girl, You are totally an official card maker. :) Your cards are beautiful Jules. I love them all!! I just can't believe you didn't feel like a "Card Maker" before. You do an amazing job and it looks like you've been making them for years. You go girl!!! :) Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Hugs, Jenny :)

  3. Hi Jules....Omgosh your cards are BEAUTIFUL!!!! girl!!!! im so freakin serious!!! I love them gosh!!! Great job!!! Love ya Amy

  4. Hi! I Really love your videos!! they are fantastic!!!!! Your cards are Gorgeous!!!!!!

  5. Your cards are amazing, and you say you are not a card maker! I think you are!
    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog and for following. I am glad you enjoyed the paper flower video. Your video is great, it is so nice of you to offer it to your followers.


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