Tuesday, August 24, 2010

100 year old Singer! (as la la la.....nah!)

Hello all!

You never know what you will encounter when you wake up in the morning and get ready for the day! 

One of my days in L.A. I went out with Lisa to take her sewing machine into the shop...yeah, poor little things was all stuck and stuff! Well since I was given a job by my brother...actually I was told I was hired without applying:/ that's how our relationship has always been, he would tell me what he expected of me or, he'll tickle me till I wet my pants...not a good thing!...but, back to the story at hand, he needed some curtain panels done for a fashion show he was hired for he has a business of stage and sound equipment rentals. Well, I got as far as 2 panels and had 1 more day and machine just needed a good lubing!

As Lisa and I pull into this little shop, right by the door is this Singer, black, on a table, dusty but as beautiful as can be!! check out theses pics! I wish i had the money to buy it! One day though!

Ah! I loved everything about it! Tell me what you think, if you could buy this would you?!

Thanks for stopping by guys! Have an amazing day!

xoxo Jules:)


  1. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I could afford it...I have always wanted one. I wish I would have got my great grandmother's but someone else has the blessingof owning it.

  2. I would've bought it if my grandmother was still with me. She was a seamstress her whole life--all the way through to her passing. She loved these old fashioned Singers & never liked her 'modern' Singer. She could make any kind of clothing though--dresses, PJ's, shirts & even underwear! Ever heard of granny panties!? Well I actually really had Granny Panties...made by granny herself! LOL Beautiful sewing maching...

  3. Hello my sweet friend. Girl, I wouldn't have been able to leave the store without that Singer!!! LOL. I've always wanted an old antique sewing machine. My home is decorated in antiques and this would be the perfect addition. Right now, I can't afford it, but one day I will have one. :) Did you take pictures of the curtains you made for your brothers fashion show? I would love to see them if you did. I hope you have a great week sweetie. I will talk to you soon. Big Hugs, Jenny :)

  4. wow that baby is in immaculate shape (drooling)


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