Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sharing some beautiful vintage cards I made this week!

Hello all!

I have always said I am not a card maker but I grabbed the bull by the horn this week and ventured out, with the determination to make some! There are several birthdays out and I love to make things for my friends! I have a few more to do and I want to make them share them with you! Let me know what you think. Did I pass the test? Am I official now! haha

I will start with my favorite! Graphic 45 with a little grunge, black lace and black touches:)

This is the 2nd one that is a lighter vintage card. I also love this one, it's a little softer!

This 3rd one is to me, more, shabby, elegant! I think that it does have a different feel than the others. Still vintage, but more elegant. I really like it to, cuz of the lace and the color and the butterflies:) It's pretty to me!

 I think I'm growing and I can say that I feel like I am an official card maker!
There are other kinds that I haven't made yet, which will be my next venture! I'm learning and growing, and I hope the recipients love them too!

Watch the vid below if you like!:)

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog, I love having you all over!

xoxo Jules:)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

100 year old Singer! (as la la la.....nah!)

Hello all!

You never know what you will encounter when you wake up in the morning and get ready for the day! 

One of my days in L.A. I went out with Lisa to take her sewing machine into the shop...yeah, poor little things was all stuck and stuff! Well since I was given a job by my brother...actually I was told I was hired without applying:/ that's how our relationship has always been, he would tell me what he expected of me or, he'll tickle me till I wet my pants...not a good thing!...but, back to the story at hand, he needed some curtain panels done for a fashion show he was hired for he has a business of stage and sound equipment rentals. Well, I got as far as 2 panels and had 1 more day and machine just needed a good lubing!

As Lisa and I pull into this little shop, right by the door is this Singer, black, on a table, dusty but as beautiful as can be!! check out theses pics! I wish i had the money to buy it! One day though!

Ah! I loved everything about it! Tell me what you think, if you could buy this would you?!

Thanks for stopping by guys! Have an amazing day!

xoxo Jules:)

Monday, August 16, 2010

"I'm not messy, I'm creative" 12x12 layout!

Hey there everyone!

I have been working on this project for Jade from jadedstudios on YouTube (YT). It is a beautiful vintage 12x12 Graphic 45 layout and the cool thing is that it's sitting on a sheet of thin metal/tin! I've never used it before but saw some samples of LO at my LSS (local scrapbook store). It is magnetic, but I didn't use it for that, I added a funny little saying on it, "I'm not messy, I'm creative". So, it's a wall hanging! I used some of my wide gorgeous black lace to hold it up with a big bow, so if Jade wants to hang it up she could, or stuff it in a drawer:) lol....I used different elements and vintage things, faux treatments and I love it! I really am proud of myself, that I have grown and don't feel stressed that it takes me a bit to create something, I'll get better,   I will.

So here are some pics of it, I hope it inspires one or all who see it, to feel confident in themselves to create whatever is in their heart! I do get my inspiration from things I've seen and things I've made and things that surround me! YT is a big one and then my mags (magazines) are another. Somerset is my most favorite mag! I will be in there one day! I want to see that my creations are good enough to be featured in a magazine, so one day! I want to encourage everyone, to "Go for it"! If you want to try something, do it! I will share my older layouts to show what I've done before. I didn't have much then but they are mine! 

So be encouraged and inspired to "Go for it"!  Here are the pics from the LO I made for Jade! I hope she loves it and hope you do too! Please leave me a comment and or feedback! Thank you!!
My hands are up, cuz I know, we know, that we're not messy but creative, right? haha...I will just tell myself that! haha Here is the video for this project!

Jade, thank you for sharing your creativeness with us, your "play cousins", "scrappy sisters".....I'll take whichever title!! lol I love how much you've grown as an artist and in turn helped us all to see what great vintage projects we can get ideas from! Your work is awesome, you are so talented and you very much deserve to be on the DT for G45!! Love ya chicky!

Thanks again you guys for stopping by. Big hugs to you all!!

xoxo Jules:)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anna's latest bracelets!

Hi people!!

A while back when Anna first left to LA, she asked me to send her some spending money so she can go buy some more pony beads for bracelets. Her BFF Tiana took the stash they had been sharing so she can make some, I guess Anna missed making them and was keeping busy in LA. This one she made for her cousin Alissa, who is a basketball player...a very good one at that!!  I thought it was sooo cool! But here is a pic of them both at "The Octopus" eating sushi!! Anna had just stuck her tongue out at Alissa and was caught! haha
This "Baller" bracelet is one sided, I love that it's a basketball in the shape of a heart! Sweet!!!
I thought this was so freakin' cool, like a string of flowers in baby blue and light purple with black centers!
Ah, the Pokemon ball design! I don't know how she did it!!
I could have sworn there was a white background...?' bad! It was about 3' wide. It fit Anthony's wrist but it was a little struggle to get it on past his hand! That boy played every single sport, so he's a big boy! But it looked great on!!  Props to Anna!! You go girl!

Thanks for stopping by you guys!

 xoxo Jules:)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

On a date!!

Hello everyone!!

Whenever I'm down in L.A. my son loves to take me out whenever he can. I think it's super sweet and it fills my heart so much! This time around him and Anthony (Lisa's oldest boy) just got paid for some work and so they both thought to take out their moms! :) ...awwww...(i know huh?)...but Lisa and I couldn't leave our other kids, sooooo..... we all go, all 7 of us!! lol.. :) 

20 minutes or so later and we end up in the city of Long Beach, right along the waterfront!! We park, and as I walk up the street I notice on the side of this building a Jazz type of painting that takes up the entire side, I've seen painted buildings before but I just wanted to share it with ya...
Looks like a lot of work to me! Pretty cool!  So I get to the restaurant and Manny and Anthony are already there with a table for us all to sit at!

Where did we go..??... a beautiful Greek spot called, "Georges Greek Cafe"! Where the boys say has the best Gyros on the planet!  They ordered for us.... "a sandwich plate" and I get a very nice glass of white wine called Amysthosis ....something, it was so good! Here is my plate!
I must have been hungry cuz I ate the whole sandwich and about a dozen fries! I did get desert but I took that baby home for later!

I had a new digi~cam to play with and so we took a few pics and while playing around with it, Manny finds the Macro setting and was ohh'ing and awww'ing over how cool the meat looked! He took a pic of it up close....
Doesn't it look yummy! It was!!!!   

We had fun! I love going out with my family and especially my kids! Here they all are, waiting for our plates to come......and waiting some more!  (Sorry this first one is dark in my corner)
Ahhh! waiting for our food! Lisa was looking in the menu to see if some ingredients were listed. She like's to figure out how things are made!!

Such a funny kid! Anthony is the oldest of the 5 kids. Just turned 21 in April! Lisa's first bite!!!
The girls were chowing down! I love taking random pics of the kids, they make the best pics sometimes!
Manny and me! My boy is soo cute!!! It was an awesome day and I will cherish every moment I can with him....Anna is coming back home with me!!! haha

Awesome day, awesome moments, awesome family!!

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo Jules:)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hmmm, what to tell ya...??

Hello people!

I've been in LA for 4 1/2 days and I always love coming. Did you know I grew up here? hmm, just thought to mention that...but, I am so used to what it was like to step outside my front door, take a couple of steps and be inside the mall! ..yeah..not in Oregon, well, not where I live, I gotta drive about an our to the next state to get to a mall now! :/  NOT FUN!...but, at least I get to go to one..(that's what I tell myself now) So....I get here and get to a Michaels....once!..why, when there is at least 5 within a 5-7 mile radius?....I don't know!!!! Now I have 4-6 days left and I need to get busy shopping or whatever, because once I'm gone, I don't know when I'll be back in LA!  

Ok, well, shopping isn't the main reason for my visits. Some of you know that My son snatched my daughter from home and brought her down to Cali to hang with him and the fam!......and left me childless!! (boo-hoo, right?) It was just me and my hubby for about 23 days, just us! :) It was really nice not to have to drive Anna around everywhere, or barking out her chores to her that she knows she needs to do anyways. Although I did miss honey and I really took advantage and spent the weekends either, bumming around at home watching movies in bed, or went out for a nice brunch or dinner and walked around, holding hands like when we were young'ins! haha...It was sweet, really sweet....and of course not having to lock the door was a bonus! :)....well, we are grown you know?....what else are we gonna do? ...hahaha ...we are married, ok, anywhoo, we really had time to just sit and chat, of what..?.. the kids! lol but then, about our future, what we've been through what we've triumphed over! It was great and again, sweet!

I miss my bed, I miss my hubby, I miss Charley (not in that order)....but I have just a few days. Right now, I do wanna enjoy my kids. Manny is about to start his 3rd year of college and he just turned 20! Oh, I didn't tell you guys, that I made him a requested dinner! Do you wanna know what it was?   Let me know and I'll share!  It was great and I was so proud of him. Happy Birthday son!!

Anna has been bunking with Alyssa, my niece, Lisa's daughter (I mention Lisa a lot I know, but she is like my blood sister and we're close). Anna isn't really wanting to go back home although she misses her dad, and I'm sure her room (I'm sure in that order) and maybe her "Tokio Hotel" posters! You know what she's been doing while here in Cali?....beading! I had to send her a couple packets and another reel of clear flexible thread. Then I sent her some money and she went to Michaels to buy more Pony Beads! She's made some bracelets for her brother and a friend of the family....I wil need to get some pics (I forgot to) and post them up for you to see. She's been hanging out with Alyssa and they've gone to the mall to shop! She's gonna dye her hair soon, I'll need to monitor that before it looks like a rainbow! lol But, weather she wants to or not, she's coming home!

Lisa took me to the LA Zoo on Friday! I had fun and were able to walk most of it. I took some pics and we snacked on snow cones but omg I was hurting so bad at the end of that trip...I almost didn't make it to the car after wards! argh!! I really hate how limited I am. I had to sit every few minutes and rest my back, took extra Ibuprofen. I showered when we got back and had to go to bed....I got up every so often, but I relaxed. The Zoo was great and I got to hang out with Lisa and Robin, Lisa's cousin and her 3 handsome boys! Thanks Lis!!

Well, for now I think that's all. I think I may share something else from this trip but we'll see. I will see you guys in the next post. 

Much Love to you guys as always and thanks for stopping by!!!

xoxo Jules:)