Friday, July 9, 2010

6x6 DressForm layout for my sister!!


I wanted to share some detail pics of this 6x6 LO I made for my sister Lisa! I have a very different project that has got me stumped and I have just been staring at it for the last 4 days, maybe longer....I can't seem to get the mojo I started on another project...Lisa's LO (layout).

I made this over a span of 2 days. I was packaging some die cut orders of my Dress Forms and it hit I finished up and got to work! 

Video at the end of this post if you wanna hear how I made it.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think....oh...and is it still a layout if there is no picture? wonder...but that's what I'm calling it!     
My Layout for Lisa!!

In the first 2 pics, I want to point out that I changed 1 thing around....can you see it?...look hard.....ok, if you guessed the bookplate...your's not there. At the last moment before making the video, I remembered I had them, so I took out the metal rimmed tag and moved it to the other side. I like it much better now though! 

Here is the finished LO. It is much fuller with the Bookplate and the word charm "Sister" and the little heart charm...oh, I just remembered, a friend gave me that heart charm, it's perfect hanging there!

This last one is similar to the first one in this set, but it is a different angle and is up a little closer.
Here is the video!

*Remember you can double click on the images and enlarge them!! Very cool!!

Thanks everybody for stopping by. Leave a comment and remember these die cuts are for sale at this post here. 

Thanks you guys!

xoxo Jules


  1. oh jules, your layout is sooo gorgeous!!! i love it! i think it is still called a layout even though there is no photo :). love all the yummy details and awesome colors. lisa will LOVE it!! thanks so much for sharing! have a great friday and weekend, girl!!! love ya, steph :)

  2. Hi Jules, I LOVE THIS!! You did a wonderful job on this layout for Lisa. Yes, I would call it a layout. :) She is going to love it so much. I would like to know what those "Bead Things" are that you put on the dress form, the purse, and the shoe. It looks like some type of very fine beads. Thank you for sharing this amazing layout. Hugs, Jenny :)

  3. Wow! Incredible. I love the detail of this.


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