Thursday, June 10, 2010

See in a little while! (As of today)

Hello my friends! 

I wanted to let you all know that I will be gone for a little while. I would love to say that I will return on Monday June 21st, I will try sooner, but we'll see. 

Without getting into too much detail, there are health issues that has slowed me down so so much and it's hard to keep up with just my daily routines. I will miss you guys but I need to take care of myself first and then I can hang out later. 

I will take the next few days to tie up some lose ends and fill your orders that have come in over the last few days and send out to those I have swap commitments to. I have just a few days to take care of these things here on my blog and you tube. 

Please do not place any orders with todays date on it (June 10th). They will not be filled. This was announced on my GIVEAWAY vid on YT. 

You can always leave me comments on YT or here...I would love to have those to read when I can:) I appreciate everyone's comments and messages and emails! You are all so sweet and I hold you close! Just give me some time till I can get back on my feet and i will have some running shoes on!! 

I will chat with you soon and I can't wait to return and share me with you! 

xoxo, see you in a little while, 



  1. hey jules, i hope you feel better soon. you're in my thoughts girl. love ya. will miss ya too. *hugs* steph

  2. I hope everything turns out ok for you...geez...I just found you a day or 2 ago! Best of luck.
    p.s. I made a post card on cardboard like you did...looks nothing like yours but it was a great inspiration and I am very happy with it..rosettes too...

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Stay positive, everything will work out well.

  4. I will oh so miss you. I am praying so hard for you. please keep intouch good friends are hard to come by.

  5. Jules, I will miss you so much. Take care of yourself first and then come back when you are ready. I will keep you in my prayers sweetie. Hugs, Jenny

  6. Jules, feel better soon and take care of yourself! Whatever it is God will see you thru and he will never put more on us than we can bare! Praying for you and love you lots!...Also I hope you have received my RAK...the flacrafter (Cassie)

  7. Take care Jules. Get some rest and I will say a prayer for you. Mary

  8. I know you will be back up and around soon - listen to your body. Your creativity will give you the strength to help your body heal. Your work is lovely. Hugs!

  9. Oh, Jules, I'm so sorry. We have the same kinds of issues here at our house. . . very much know how hard it can be to function some days/weeks/months. Take care of yourself. Rest. Sleep. We'll be here when you're ready to come back. Hugs to you.

  10. Hey Jules
    Awe Jules... Its good that you are taking this time for yourself, your right, you need to take of yourself 1st. So once you are back you can focuse on your other loves. Can't wait to see what your next creation will be. I wish you well. xoxo

  11. Hi Jules,
    I hope you will feel better soon. I'll be praying for you.
    Take care!

  12. I had just come across your Youtube video's and blog today.
    I am loving them both.
    Sorry you are having health issues. Take care of you first.


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