Saturday, June 19, 2010

omg! It's been so long!!!!!!!!

Well, what can I catch you up on??....other than what you already know from the previous post....I have rested, but also have filled orders...which is funny because I got a couple new orders from some sweet sweet ladies after I had the "time off" video and blog posted and when I emailed them about it, they were both so regretful and wanted to help me figure out what to do:) they were such sweethearts about my emails and everything, so....I did take them, cause I can't just say no...I figured that I could fill whatever accidentally came through...sooo I did! :) No biggie! But if anyone else wanted to order something and saw the post, I really would appreciate you giving me time to recoup! I really really do appreciate it, so thanks!

So, today, Saturday, very early in the "A.M." I get on the blog to post some info! I am glad to say I have caught up on all but 1 commitment....this one will take a bit. I then have 1 coming in the Fall, this poor girl has been so patient with me:)  yet...she still wants to do the swap! How sweet!

So the biggie today is that my son is coming home to visit his mama for almost 2 weeks! My first born, now in college, about to turn 20 and has more of a beard than his father! hahaha! I have missed him so stinkin' much OMG!! I can't wait to give him a haircut though, wow does this kid grow hair! He hates it, he wishes he would have that prob in the growing department...yeah, he's a little vertically challenged. haha I've said "Hey, at least your taller than me"!, but he doesn't see much humor in being taller than a 5'3" lady! I guess *attitude* haha 

I don't have a whole lot planned other than cooking him his favs....if I can! He loves meat and anything on the BBQ, which is normally, meat!! I will be posting pics soon!!

Anna, just had to say goodbye to her boyfriend of a month, I told her I couldn't believe it's been a month!!! haha  Well, he's gone to hang out with his dad in Alaska for the Summer, but not all summer....6 weeks to be exact. He had a harder time saying good bye than she did she is so much like her dad, just so calm and chill and has a whateva' (mostly in a good way) attitude, which my son is too! It's good for them, I guess, they didn't turn out like me!  I could be a drama queen...well, ya know someone had to be the actor/actress in the family!

Well people, I truly wanna try to start back a little slow. I will be posting a haul and some GaG's soon. I can't not share what some awesome ladies sent me....I love sharing moments of surprise with you, especially because of some cool comments that I got about my reaction to GaG's...I was told it was "Priceless"  Wow! I think it's funny and embarrassing really..haha oh man!

Love it!! Chat with you guys tomorrow or the next day...always have stuff to share! :)

xoxo Always,   Jules:)


  1. Hey sweetie, I'm so glad you are feeling better. Yea, your son is coming home!!! I bet you can't wait. :) I've been thinking about you everyday. I didn't want to send you a message and overwhelm you, but it was so hard. LOL. You know how I worry about my girl. HA HA. I hope you have a wonderful time with your son. Your doing the right thing by starting back slow hun. You've been in my prayers and if you need anything I'm just a message away. Hugs, Jenny :)

  2. Hope you feel better soon.
    Thank you for your post on my blog. Look forward to hearing from you again.
    You are tall teehee. I am under 5'. All my daughters wanted was to be taller than me. They succeeded except for my oldest, she is about the same hieght as me. 4' 10.5". And YES the .5 counts LOL.
    Enjoy the time with your son
    Take care.

  3. Welcome back. Glad to see you're feeling better. Also wanted to let you know that I got my laces I ordered and I LOVE them. Thanks!! Take care, Tina

  4. Hi Jules! Thank you for filling my accidental order! You are truly a sweetheart *hugs*. I hope you're feeling better!


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