Friday, June 25, 2010

awww...Look what Anna made!!

OK! I have to tell you about Anna...just a little (or she'll kill me...well, no, but you know what I mean:) haha)

Anna is 15 1/2 now, she has just broken out of her shy shell....and I mean shy'er than shy!!!!! she was.....and that just started since she began her High School life! She just finished 9th yes, very recent.

Hmm, about 4 years ago after church on Sunday morning, her dad and I were upstairs in the foyer waiting for both kids as usual to come up from Children's church  and Youth service. As Anna came up to greet us, we asked her how it went, they had some very cool activities and she was excited, well, as excited and Anna can get, as she started to talk and tell us, one of the other little kids that was downstairs with her turned to her mom as she heard Anna talking and said, "Mommy, she does talk"!....OMG!...we did everything not to embarrass Anna by busting out in laughter. But it was so funny!

This is how shy and quiet Anna is. I say "is" because she's still somewhat quiet, but she's more confident and's a pic I took of her while she was in the craft room chatting with me about needing some more beads.
She's gorgeous huh? I wish I had a pic of her when she was 9. She was a gorgeous little girl too! Love her to death!! She's my world....they both 2 babies!!

Ok, Anywhoo, I wanted to show you what she's into making. In that pic above on her left wrist, she has made bracelets....every color of the rainbow! Those are 1 row of beads...she's made some custom made ones with names on it and specific colors. She recently found on the Internet how to pattern out a character or an image. This is what she came up with.
She's a Panda fanatic! Even her dog is named Panda! This was her first bracelet that had a character on it. She said it took her over 7 hours to make!

This next one is the Apple one she made for her BFF Tiana!
You have to know that they dream of having a band....even though they laugh that they suck at playing an instrument and singing! haha...but I've heard them, they really aren't that bad at all! Tiana can sing and Anna can play keyboard and bass...she plays the trumpet for band! They are so cute, but anyways, they have nicknamed themselves. 

Anna is "Panda Starr" and Tiana is "Spazz Apple", hence, the bracelets!

This next one has 1 character back and front! Ready!? Ladies and all people viewing, here is the awesome and most dorabbbblllleee GIRRRRRRR!

Oh isn't he so here he is in a dog suit! And here below, he's in a robot suit! I think she did really good!
She is currently working on a dolphin one....she's kinda if'ee about it, so we'll see what happens, if she makes it or not!

Here is Anna and Tiana taking a pic in the booth at the mall!(Sorry it's blurry)
Tiana on the left, Anna on the right! 

                              And now, Anna says "Peace out"!
Sticking out her tongue! She's still so cute! haha

Thanks guys for stopping by!
xoxo Jules :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can't wait anymore!

Gotta start somewhere, soooo.....I'm gonna open "The Jule Box" and make my kits and things available again! I'm gonna start by uploading my haul vid from I have had this box for almost 2 weeks and haven't opened it, can you believe that!? I can' I also got some goodies in the mail from a couple ladies and I wanna share so bad! So, gonna try and do that tomorrow! Hopefully I won't run behind on anything! 

We are having a slow week so far here at home, very relaxing though....but my son caught a cold...poor guy...he was asking me for medicine a bit ago, with his nose all stuffy and running at the same time, which confuses him and ticks him off too! I have to laugh though because he's so cute sniffling....and I remember when he used to come to me when he didn't feel good and ask me for something to make him feel "normal" lol! Gave him some generic Tussin which is all I have surprisingly...being a nurse I had everything in my med cabinet, where is everything? Gonna get some better stuff for him tomorrow. I made him some tea and now he's in bed, sleeping!

OMG! Anna is making beaded jewelry, just with those bright and metallic beads....gonna have to post some pics of the things she's made! So cool....and she comes to me to show them off, feels so good she wants to hear my opinion....awww....she wuvs her mom! Yeah, gonna get some pics up to show you guys!

It's past 1:30am and I am sleepy now too. But in the morning I'm gonna go record my haul and GaG's! yay!

Have a great night you again in a bit!

xoxo Jules:)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

omg! It's been so long!!!!!!!!

Well, what can I catch you up on??....other than what you already know from the previous post....I have rested, but also have filled orders...which is funny because I got a couple new orders from some sweet sweet ladies after I had the "time off" video and blog posted and when I emailed them about it, they were both so regretful and wanted to help me figure out what to do:) they were such sweethearts about my emails and everything, so....I did take them, cause I can't just say no...I figured that I could fill whatever accidentally came through...sooo I did! :) No biggie! But if anyone else wanted to order something and saw the post, I really would appreciate you giving me time to recoup! I really really do appreciate it, so thanks!

So, today, Saturday, very early in the "A.M." I get on the blog to post some info! I am glad to say I have caught up on all but 1 commitment....this one will take a bit. I then have 1 coming in the Fall, this poor girl has been so patient with me:)  yet...she still wants to do the swap! How sweet!

So the biggie today is that my son is coming home to visit his mama for almost 2 weeks! My first born, now in college, about to turn 20 and has more of a beard than his father! hahaha! I have missed him so stinkin' much OMG!! I can't wait to give him a haircut though, wow does this kid grow hair! He hates it, he wishes he would have that prob in the growing department...yeah, he's a little vertically challenged. haha I've said "Hey, at least your taller than me"!, but he doesn't see much humor in being taller than a 5'3" lady! I guess *attitude* haha 

I don't have a whole lot planned other than cooking him his favs....if I can! He loves meat and anything on the BBQ, which is normally, meat!! I will be posting pics soon!!

Anna, just had to say goodbye to her boyfriend of a month, I told her I couldn't believe it's been a month!!! haha  Well, he's gone to hang out with his dad in Alaska for the Summer, but not all summer....6 weeks to be exact. He had a harder time saying good bye than she did she is so much like her dad, just so calm and chill and has a whateva' (mostly in a good way) attitude, which my son is too! It's good for them, I guess, they didn't turn out like me!  I could be a drama queen...well, ya know someone had to be the actor/actress in the family!

Well people, I truly wanna try to start back a little slow. I will be posting a haul and some GaG's soon. I can't not share what some awesome ladies sent me....I love sharing moments of surprise with you, especially because of some cool comments that I got about my reaction to GaG's...I was told it was "Priceless"  Wow! I think it's funny and embarrassing really..haha oh man!

Love it!! Chat with you guys tomorrow or the next day...always have stuff to share! :)

xoxo Always,   Jules:)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

See in a little while! (As of today)

Hello my friends! 

I wanted to let you all know that I will be gone for a little while. I would love to say that I will return on Monday June 21st, I will try sooner, but we'll see. 

Without getting into too much detail, there are health issues that has slowed me down so so much and it's hard to keep up with just my daily routines. I will miss you guys but I need to take care of myself first and then I can hang out later. 

I will take the next few days to tie up some lose ends and fill your orders that have come in over the last few days and send out to those I have swap commitments to. I have just a few days to take care of these things here on my blog and you tube. 

Please do not place any orders with todays date on it (June 10th). They will not be filled. This was announced on my GIVEAWAY vid on YT. 

You can always leave me comments on YT or here...I would love to have those to read when I can:) I appreciate everyone's comments and messages and emails! You are all so sweet and I hold you close! Just give me some time till I can get back on my feet and i will have some running shoes on!! 

I will chat with you soon and I can't wait to return and share me with you! 

xoxo, see you in a little while, 


Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Parisian inspired Postcard Pocket layout!

Hello all! I hope you guys are having an awesome weekend!

Well as I've mentioned in videos past....I am late on 2 months late!! Well, things have happened in my life and I have been delayed...but I am catching up!

I only have 2 swaps left now and this is one of them! A "Tag" swap with Ms Donna in the UK (YT channel: theartofpapercrafts), such a sweetheart! I remember telling her how scared I was about doing mini swaps and kit swaps and as I panicked on  :) she said, "Well, we don't have to to anything big...just a tag maybe...Let's get your confidence up and do something small"! and I am so glad I went ahead with it, even 2 months late...but here she is "jewels".

A "Parisian" inspired Postcard Pocket layout on corrugated cardboard that is a postcard pocket for a tag, with the Eiffel Tower die on it....and colors......see...

Since the video here, I added in some stickles to the flowers and glossy accents to the birds that are just chillin' and on the's all shiney and sparkly.

Can you see the glossy accents and the stickles now? If not double click the photo for an enlarged view!  :)
 It's so pretty! Then I made a tag to sit inside/behind the Postcard! It was an inspirational moment I had with Somerset Mags!! I couldn't resist it, too cute!
 So simple but has such a look about it to me! :)  I ended up not writing my note on the back of the tag, but made another teeny tag to sit in an envelope behind the LO, have a looksie!

The above 3 pics are the new addition! I even used my "Broken China" distress ink to distress the edges so that it matches with the color theme in the front and the tag! I love this European postage stamp, too cool lookin'!

This last pic is the inside of that folded tag where I wrote Donna a message!

I love this project! It will be going out to Ms Donna next soon as I finish this one last thing! yay!! 

Thanks so much "jewels" for stopping by. I really appreciate it! Please leave a comment on what you think of this project! I love tags in pockets and such!

Have a great week coming guys!! 

xoxo Jules signing out of "The Jule Box".....Bye!!