Sunday, May 23, 2010

What's up, what's new!

Hello out there! so what's going on is that we are down 1 laptop! omg this is putting me behind a lot...I can't help it either. My sweet hubby is in school...I'm so proud!..he's a student of Eastern Oregon University and has a year left to get his business degree!! whoot whoot!! ok, but I want my laptop and I have to share it with him, I guess his schoolwork is more important huh? "poopies!" I haven't been able to upload all my vids, the CP kit, my lace bundle #2....ahh...please be patient with me ok girls...I will be up bright and early getting those vids up before he gets home and takes the laptop from me again! haha  It's ok, I'm just ansy!

Well, I'll be turning over the laptop to him I gotta go finish making flowers! :)

xoxo for you all! Have a great week! Jules is signing out!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lisa is a Convert!!!! haha

Well, Lisa is up here in Oregon and brought some Cali flavor to "The Box"....She is a maniac when she's crafting.....the funny thing is...she isn't. OK, this is what I mean. Lisa is a "Chef" (not a real one, but can be so easily), she cooks all kinds of foods and we all love it...andI think it shows!!! Thanks Lees!*rolling eyes*

Right out of the airport we go to pick up a couple things before heading home. We stop at "The Craft Warehouse" cuz I need som G45 paper...which they didn't have:(!  but, Lisa see's this little clipboard made of wood and was like, "aww, this is so cute....*pause*....but what do you do with it?" (Now, I hadn't told her about my putting any kits together....until now)   So I tell her, and then she wants to make one, so we get it and go home. :)

We get home and that night after dinner and all, she's like, "ok help me", I show her mine and show her how to use the distress inks, and what mod podge is, and what paper choices she has. Ok, now she's at my workstation and starts on hers...OMG!! you guys, paper pieces were literally flying every where, glue in her hair...(jk)..and in a total of about 11-12 hours, into the next day, SHE DONE!! I was so proud of her! I'm thinking.....she's gotta have a craftspace at home I don't know about....and she's been crafting but has been holding back on me!! haha, I know, I know..silly...NOT, she made this oh so cute Father's day picture holding clipboard! I loved itso much, I did the vid and took some pics and here it is you guys!!!! show her some love!!  

Go Lisa!!

I love how her clipboard came out! So cool lookin' and I am so happy she had fun making it!

Here's mine!

I had so much fun making this Father's Day Clipboard project! 

I will have these kits for sale...coming up in the next post!! I hope you enjoyed this post and come back to see what other things I get into! haha Thanks so much for stopping by you guys!!

xoxo Jules:)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

omg! Soooo busy, I'm late with my post!

Hello "Jewels"! I am so glad to be busy again in "The Jule Box"! I have been making a lot of my gifts and finishing up on swaps...although I have a few more! I will get there...I promise! :)

My sister Lisa has been her for 2 days so far and is already in "The Jule Box" with me, and get this....she's crafting her very first project! yay Lisa!  She's not a scrapper...well the other kind of scrapper...(I won't get on her bad side...haha!!) But she has worked on her project for now 2 days and about done! She works so fast....I was not surprised that with every step she was like, "ok, what's next?" haha...she's like that with everything. Whenever there is something like an event, she's like on the move, you could barely see her she moves so fast! She is also helping me with some things here at home that I have needed help with, it's hard for me at times to even I am so grateful she's here, she's just a huge blessing to me.....maybe I will share some of "our story" with you guys a little, pretty cool how we met, but I think I will later so for now, I'm gonna try and get busy with my crafty self!

I'm back in "The Box" and so happy to be. I have some things  to offer to all my jewels so stay tuned, here it comes!.. :) .......

1- Laces...oh wow, such a great deal...that's coming up this weekend and....
2-My Graphic 45 (I'm an addict) Father's Day kit!! Soooo cool!
3- The revised Graphic 45 Clothespin Kit. Some small but significant changes.
I will update the original post on it with new pics for viewing!

Okay, getting stuff ready here. I luv ya all and I wanna keep encouraging you to stir up the mojo and let's create!!

xoxo always, Jules :)

"The Jule Box"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hello my friends, my lady "jewels"!

Hello again! 

It's been such a long 2 weeks and I must say that we are doing well! Thank you for all of your messages and comments here and on my YT channel! I really, truly and deeply appreciate it so much!

I will be jumping back in with both feet! Things to create, vids to publish, and friends to love!!! Yes, I mean that! :)

Ok, now that I have been more active...I have promised that I will be revising the G45 Clothespin kit! I still am, just waiting for something to come in the mail. I will be posting all that with the title "G45 CP kit..."revised"!  I believe you will all still be pleased with it as you were with the last big change is, no more INTERNATIONAL sales..It is way to expensive, and very hard to figure what the shipping costs will be for individuals, since the prices vary from country to country, or, I could just charge a flat rate which may not be fare to those who's cost wouldn't normally be, yeah, I apologize to all my overseas friends and customers! All International sales are closed! :(

So stay connected and follow my blog to get informed on the CP and another cute crafters project for Father's Day!!  Yeah Dad's!!

xoxo always, Jules  :)