Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Up "Jewels"!!?

Well....I love coming to LA! I have been here for 4 days and I am on cloud nine! I have my sister, her husband and my almost 20 year old here and I <3    (that's my heart) them so much. When I'm at home in Oregon...(gotta put some pics up here to show ya what my side of Oregon looks like...soon...k..I promise!) I can feel something missing. But since my boy has been out of the house for almost 2 years....omg...I feel like my heart is gonna implode from missing him so any of you have a kid in college and out of the kinda huh? Well, I miss him...he's my baby! :(

Well, my will right now is to better my crafting skills and be able to teach and encourage others to just create and be that woman that we all wanna know that one kinda woman that a man may not realize that you are quite yet, but knows he's got something special...the one that some women (and maybe even younger women) look up know the one that some may come to and want to ask advise from....the woman who can touch any heart....the one woman that your kids will one day say, "Thanks for EVERYTHING you did for me mom...and I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time"....I am becoming...the woman I know I am and the one that makes me feel like inspiring and giving and touching the lives of any one person!  Yeah...I am!!!

After all my efforts to be is taking quite a bit to finish the things I wanna's only because I'm thinking of others that don't have as much of what they want and need...I wanna give right now...I'm in that mode....I guess there is a form of creativity in that...gathering and making things for someone to make them smile and maybe even cry because you shared more than material things with them, but also your heart..I'm cool with making that kind of creativity happen...  :)

There is nothing more important to me than those who surround and friends, how precious is that..people you love and who love you blessed is anyone to have that!   yeah, way cool!! haha :)

Ok, well enough of my thoughts for tonight. I just needed to get those thoughts out.....what do you think...or what is it that you think about? 

I wanna scrap and craft....and I will share my creativity with you soon as I get home....I'm hitting my room and gonna much fun in "The Box"!

Imma going to bed now it is so late that people are gonna start getting up...hahaha...yeah, that late!!

G'nite my lady "Jewels"!!

Be encouraged and become!

From "The Jule Box"   :) xoxo

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