Monday, March 29, 2010

I love my kids!!

I'm in L.A and so many shops around....I'm kinda stuck at home because I don't have a car and my son walks in and asked me if he could take me anywhere (and at this point Lisa has been driving me and shopping with me but she's had a family emergency and has been with her aunt)...I was like..."Heck yeah!" I'm thinking he was gonna drop me off, but no, he drove me to Big Lots and to Jo's and came in with me! aaaaand he held my basket and walked me through every isle I wanted to walk through. He was joking around with me and making me laugh...all I can say is that I've never had such a fun shopping day with my son! I love my kids so much! So here I share some pics of them...

This was a (above)picture from 1 1/2 yrs ago. My son Manny was on break and came up to stay with us for 2 weeks. Here we were all at the airport restaurant killing some time until the flight was ready to board.

Our trip to San Fran! Behind us was the Golden Gate I believe. In front on the other side of me was the island of Alcatraz. Manny wanted to go there! another trip we'll go. This was a very windy day and so we had to wear layers.

In San Diego with me and dad! I love my men!

Me and Anna at her 15th birthday dinner at a Japanese Restaurant (her choice)in Burbank 

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  1. First~ thank you for such a sweet message this morning when I opened my email. Your children are beautiful! I love my son and daughter to pieces too! Thanks for sharing. I was born at the Presidio right by the Golden Gate Bridge in your pictures (years and years ago!) Hugs, Velma

  2. Your kids are beautiful Jules!!!

    Also I wanted to let you know I am awarding you a Beautiful Blogger award. It awaits your retrieval at my blog so come on over & get it. :-)

  3. Hey Jules,
    You have such beautiful kids. Thanks for your vids and your blog they keep me so inspired. I check every day to see what has been put up. keep up the good work. Keep your chin up with the news of your health my MIL has FM also so I know and understand what your going through.


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