Monday, March 29, 2010

I love my kids!!

I'm in L.A and so many shops around....I'm kinda stuck at home because I don't have a car and my son walks in and asked me if he could take me anywhere (and at this point Lisa has been driving me and shopping with me but she's had a family emergency and has been with her aunt)...I was like..."Heck yeah!" I'm thinking he was gonna drop me off, but no, he drove me to Big Lots and to Jo's and came in with me! aaaaand he held my basket and walked me through every isle I wanted to walk through. He was joking around with me and making me laugh...all I can say is that I've never had such a fun shopping day with my son! I love my kids so much! So here I share some pics of them...

This was a (above)picture from 1 1/2 yrs ago. My son Manny was on break and came up to stay with us for 2 weeks. Here we were all at the airport restaurant killing some time until the flight was ready to board.

Our trip to San Fran! Behind us was the Golden Gate I believe. In front on the other side of me was the island of Alcatraz. Manny wanted to go there! another trip we'll go. This was a very windy day and so we had to wear layers.

In San Diego with me and dad! I love my men!

Me and Anna at her 15th birthday dinner at a Japanese Restaurant (her choice)in Burbank 

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

YT Scrappy Sisters out to Lunch!

What an awesome treat to be able to gather with far away friends. We are scrappy sisters for ever. (In pic order) Myself, Yolie, Leonie and Wai Wai. I was able to get a lunch date set up and meet at Ruby's at the Citadel Outlet Plaza. We had so much fun, sharing gifts and sharing about each other, it was such a pleasure to meet these ladies and hang out for a couple of hours.

I really hope we can meet again!!! Thanks for this memory ladies!

You Tube channel and blog site for these ladies: (In pic order) just click on the channel or blog to visit them!!

Jules- jannaviles
Yolanda- yoliebean or
Leonie- scrapaliciousleo or 
Wai Wai- ringmyheart

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Up "Jewels"!!?

Well....I love coming to LA! I have been here for 4 days and I am on cloud nine! I have my sister, her husband and my almost 20 year old here and I <3    (that's my heart) them so much. When I'm at home in Oregon...(gotta put some pics up here to show ya what my side of Oregon looks like...soon...k..I promise!) I can feel something missing. But since my boy has been out of the house for almost 2 years....omg...I feel like my heart is gonna implode from missing him so any of you have a kid in college and out of the kinda huh? Well, I miss him...he's my baby! :(

Well, my will right now is to better my crafting skills and be able to teach and encourage others to just create and be that woman that we all wanna know that one kinda woman that a man may not realize that you are quite yet, but knows he's got something special...the one that some women (and maybe even younger women) look up know the one that some may come to and want to ask advise from....the woman who can touch any heart....the one woman that your kids will one day say, "Thanks for EVERYTHING you did for me mom...and I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time"....I am becoming...the woman I know I am and the one that makes me feel like inspiring and giving and touching the lives of any one person!  Yeah...I am!!!

After all my efforts to be is taking quite a bit to finish the things I wanna's only because I'm thinking of others that don't have as much of what they want and need...I wanna give right now...I'm in that mode....I guess there is a form of creativity in that...gathering and making things for someone to make them smile and maybe even cry because you shared more than material things with them, but also your heart..I'm cool with making that kind of creativity happen...  :)

There is nothing more important to me than those who surround and friends, how precious is that..people you love and who love you blessed is anyone to have that!   yeah, way cool!! haha :)

Ok, well enough of my thoughts for tonight. I just needed to get those thoughts out.....what do you think...or what is it that you think about? 

I wanna scrap and craft....and I will share my creativity with you soon as I get home....I'm hitting my room and gonna much fun in "The Box"!

Imma going to bed now it is so late that people are gonna start getting up...hahaha...yeah, that late!!

G'nite my lady "Jewels"!!

Be encouraged and become!

From "The Jule Box"   :) xoxo

Monday, March 8, 2010

My first post......yay!!

My first post and is always growing!

Hello everyone!

I want to share a little bit of me with the world...with people. People who share similar interests and that wanna share themselves too.

Being on the internet or You-Tube or other online communities has become something everyone wants to do...well not every single being but, lots of people who want to be known...even a little bit loved. Why else would we start our own channel or profile or blog if we didn't.

I think what we see is that there is so much more out there than what's next door or down the street or in town even. It seems like we have a certain level of control when we come into the internet community. We can, log-on, log-off, answer a comment or a message or not, control what and how much of ourselves we actually put out there. It's not all the same in the physical sense of having a friend in the neighbor next door. It's cool to have friends sometimes, but sometimes we can't get away. Ya know'

Oh well, enough of my mind talking...writing...out loud. I wanna have some fun!!!!!!!

What I wanna share is an array of things that make me happy!! For 1...believe it or hubby makes me happy! Unless we are arguing then it's combat baby! But I sure love making up!...he's a great guy and there really isn't anyone like him! My kids!! wow, what a wondrous thing giving birth! It's weird that it seems like yesterday that they were born, now one is an adult and the other in her mid teens. Awesome kids!!!! Thank yooouuuu Lord! Another, my mom, my hero, never has she left my side under any circumstance....Thanks MOM!!!! My Dad, showed me how to communicate with my kids as a parent, which is so important!...GO Papa! Now I only have 2 brothers's my sis-in-law who I lean on and trust and would most definitely take a bullet for!!! I Love you Lisa!! (By the way, she's a Chef in her own right)

...then there is my passion for the following:

First, I love God...He means everything to me! Then I love to cook, I love to craft, I love to scrap and alter make them my own....which leads me to........why I started this freakin'cool Blog! I wanna share those things with whomever will listen...or read for that matter!

So hang out and share...or just stop by every now and again to just say Hi!

I don't wanna write anymore, now is where I wanna show!

Come stop by my YT channel, I'm at:
pronounced: janaveeless

Jules signing out for now....XOXO:)

Have a happy, scrappy, crafty and all that kind of a Day!!!